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Kel Adore Wishes To Rekindle A Flame And Be “Happy Again”

Los Angeles-based pop artist, model and singer-songwriter Kel Adore wishes to be "Happy Again" with someone special in a vibrant new single.

Kel Adore's music is known to radiate authenticity while she repeatedly showcases her immense talent for intimate storytelling and raw lyricism. Her mission to uncover the truth and help people feel understood is more than what you'd find in the modern pop artist, and you can ensure your soul will be well-fed when gracing Adore's diverse tunes.

Now, Kel Adore is inviting listeners on a journey through tender and intimate emotion with her latest single, "Happy Again," pouring every ounce of love and desire she has through our speakers and into our hearts. Adore's light, fluttery vocals paired with the modern pop production bring the song rich and dynamic energy that's quite audibly pleasing.

Hitting play on the new single, "Happy Again," the song opens with plucky electric strums and warm electronic drum breaks that emit a bright and radiant feel alongside broad and expansive piano melodies. As Kel Adore's airy vocals rain down from above, she takes us to the hook and yearns for a lover to stay around to rekindle that happy and carefree flame.

In this single, Kel Adore hits the nail on the head, perfectly portraying those troubling emotions regarding the depths of love and wishing someone would return. We also appreciate Adore's broad vocal range that launches on the pre-hook while shifting into the verse and bridge with more of a gentle, emotional, and introspective whisper.

Satisfy your cravings for an emotionally rich and relatable heartbreak anthem with Kel Adore's latest single, "Happy Again," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Kel Adore. We really feel that emotion and strife you've put into your latest single, "Happy Again." What inspired this vulnerable and heartfelt piece?

It makes me so happy to hear you can feel the emotion in this song! That was a huge goal in the writing process. I was inspired by that feeling when you’ve just had your heart crushed, but you aren’t quite ready to let go yet. My first heartbreak was especially difficult because even though I knew it wasn’t going to work out, I held on for so long just hoping that maybe one day the stars would align. Spoiler alert: they didn’t. I have nothing but love for all my past relationships, but I have had to learn some really hard lessons along the way.

What was it like writing such personal lyrics for "Happy Again?" Was it easy for you to convey those emotions and be so open?

In the writing room, I have no boundaries. Any experiences I have had, my friends/family have had, my co-writers have had, or even THEIR friends have had is fair game. It’s funny because once you start opening up you realize how common these “personal” things actually are. Going through heartbreak can feel so isolating when in fact it is one of the most universal feelings. I’ve been processing my emotions through songwriting ever since I can remember, so for me, it is second nature to pour my heart and soul into my songs. I know a song is special if it makes me cry while I am writing it, and this is definitely one of those songs.

Did you work alongside any producers, artists, or musicians when creating "Happy Again?" What was that process like?

I co-wrote this song with my producer, Brett Pemberton. The original idea sparked from the very simple chorus and we built around that. Brett pushes my songwriting skills and provides the perfect feedback to elevate the song. The magic comes through in the revisions. Once we finished the lyrics and melody we dove into perfecting the track. The icing on the cake was the mandolin and 12-string guitar.

What overall atmosphere did you want "Happy Again" to have? How did you want your audience to feel when listening?

When we were dreaming up the idea for this track we were very inspired by Catalina Island. I had recently visited for the first time and my producer previously lived on the island for 6 months. I wanted “Happy Again” to be very upbeat, mystical, and tropical sonically, yet have this contrast of really devastating lyrics. I hope it makes my audience want to dance and then maybe want to cry because that rollercoaster of emotions is what heartbreak feels like.



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