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Kellalit Prevails Enticing Elements In The Dark Themed, "Mind Control"

Being a DJ, Producer, and EDM artist, Kellalit’s high energy comes alive during her sets. She mixes mid-tempo, dubstep, and techno while honing in on her electric stage presence.

Originating from San Francisco, California, she strives to captivate her audience and generate energy that stems from her passionate performance on the CDJs supplemented with vivacious dancing.

Bringing to life her hard-hitting, bass-forward new single, “Mind Control,” Kellalit delves into a universe that shines a light upon the tiring emotion that goes into being frustrated and fed up. In a dark escapade of chilling musical quintessence, the slow burn of this arrangement cuts through the speakers in one fell swoop. Profoundly sanctioning the bass vessel to rule the thrilling territory of an apocalyptic soundscape, Kellalit provides an unruly grime driven resonance that has us clutching onto our seats.

“Mind Control,” is the sonic venture that Kellalit put in place for her listeners to absorb in a spellbinding manner of cerebral environments. With the concept coming to Kellalit at a pivotal moment in her life where she allowed her frustrations of stereotypes in the industry to influence this musical creation, the roots of “Mind Control,” were birthed on sight.

As a female taking over in a male-dominated industry, Kellalit ensures that her talents speak for her, as she continues to ripple through the Richter scale of the Dubstep and Electronic music variety.

As we embrace the chills down our spine while listening to this appealing masterpiece, we admire the creative realm that Kellalit performs in. With the fervently riveting spirit of, “Mind Control,” her audience is in for an auditory jaunt that they won’t forget.

We appreciate the finer details in this piece as a whole. Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process that brought this song to life?

When writing this song, I was feeling super dark and scary but at the same time really powerful. While sitting on the floor at 3:00 am, I got this beat stuck in my head and I had to get it out. I threw it into Ableton, some kicks, snares, a nasty cello, and had it running on a loop. Thinking about what to add next, I was sitting there reflecting on how I wasn’t being treated as an equal amongst the music scene I was currently in and that’s when I wrote the ad-lib “He cannot control me”.

With being direct in your messaging and the theme behind this song, how crucial is it for you to channel your emotions onto the pieces you put forth?

It is extremely important; emotion is my main driving force behind my writing. Without emotion, for me, it lacks meaning and that means it lacks power. I think having a powerful song is crucial.

Do you always allow your emotions to drive the concepts of your work, or do you sometimes let the music fuel your emotions?

When I sit down to write a song, I always start with some sort of inspiration. That could be emotion, a cool art piece, or even a phrase. However, once I start there, the music fuels the rest of the fire.

Being one to stand for meaningful messaging, what has been the best piece of advice that you have received throughout your career?

My old mentor at Icon Collective College of Music, Habitaat, once told me that my passion for creepy, hard, dark music was inspiring and that having these weird sounds with a different feel was unique to me. He said everything can’t be perfect because if it is perfect, then it is not organic; therefore it’s not human. That stuck with me because it's never going to be perfect and that’s okay because that’s what makes it me.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

I want people to hear what I have to say, I want to pave the way for younger girls to do what they love and be confident while doing it… it also makes me happy, being able to wake up every day and do what I love. It’s everything I could have ever asked for and more. Also, my friends. They keep me going. Their endless support and creativity is super inspiring.


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