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Kelly Phoenix Makes “No Mistake,” With His Latest Choice In Song Release

If you've been craving a diverse-sounding Alt/Rock experience, similar to that of the older days, then Kelly Phoenix and his work are where you should immerse yourself.

The purpose of multi-genre artist Kelly Phoenix and his music is to craft stories full of heartbreak, varying outlooks on life, solitude, self-respect, survival, and spirituality. He does this so that his audience can understand the true depth of his perspective on life itself, especially when it comes to the conditions of the human being. Naturally, Kelly Phoenix listeners get an authentic representation of the artist this way and receive a real look into his artistic soul.

The latest offering from Kelly Phoenix has been given the title "No Mistake." The track introduces itself to listeners with an eclectic blend of alternative-based melodies that are strongly shaped by electric riffs, hypnotic synth blends, and old-school vocal articulations. An almost otherworldly presence is brought with the chosen underlying melody, which ties in nicely to the ominous presence that the track potently possesses. The edgy and gritty electric guitar solo brings sweet memories for true Alt/Rock listeners and provides a nice break in the song for listeners to bask in some pure talent.

"No Mistake" is rich in melancholy, and there is a world of complexity behind its lyricism. Make sure not to mistake mindlessly tuning in, as the song provides an experience that requires purposeful attention from its listeners. All in all, Kelly Phoenix granted his audience a thick and intense Alt/Rock-inspired song that brought on many dreamlike moments with its diverse combination of genre tones.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic, Kelly Phoenix. Let's get right into chatting about your single, "No Mistake." Can you elaborate on the chosen title for this track and the meaning behind its name? "No Mistake" is a title that came quite naturally to me as I was working on the tune. While it isn't mentioned repetitively throughout the song, the title encapsulates the harsh feeling of facing your fate with determination while still suffering from it. The idea was to express a certain sense of hopelessness in walking away from a situation that is no longer serving you as hard and painful as it can be. The idea of showcasing an internal struggle while convincing yourself that it is the right thing to do was an interesting concept to me. Were you hoping there was a specific subset of people that "No Mistake" resonated with most? I feel like anyone who has been in a similar situation where they thought they had found true love but realized that it was all an illusion and felt held back instead of elevated should find a sense of identification with this track. There is a sense of urgency to release all sorts of deeply rooted pains and traumas to finally spread wings that have been held down for too long and become your true self. In the extended version coming out on the 20th of this month, you can hear the idea of breaking chains from the past in an operatic and cinematic outro I'm very proud of. With all its varieties in genre elements, can you describe the purpose behind including so many diverse-sounding aspects in your song? Every song I make has a diverse blend of genres. Here it was, 80's rock and New Wave mixed with alternative rock, as well as some soul elements. I don't believe in labels, colors, or genres when it comes to music. I grew up listening to music that unifies all types of crowds, and that is what I want to achieve with my art. I want to speak to all sorts of demographics, age ranges, and audiences. In all my music you will find different pieces of me that will hopefully connect to a wide variety of people. Your upcoming solo project, "Resurrection" is set to debut this summer. Can your audience expect this art piece to consist of similar tones to that in "No Mistake," including the projected narrative? People can expect to find a wide variety of genres in my upcoming album. Every song has its own feel even though they connect well together. Some are country-inspired, pop-rock, goth-pop, soul, or 70s rock-inspired. There is a very clear and specific journey or evolution throughout the album. The main theme of the record is transformation, but I tap into a lot of topics that relate to becoming your true self out of pain and loneliness, as unfortunate as it sounds. What's next for you? I have my second single, "Black Magic Spell," coming out in June. We already shot the video for it, and I can't wait to share it. We put our hearts and souls into making sure we would create a piece that is a mini-movie of sorts. I have a lot of ideas for music videos but nothing I can share right now. I also have a show at Harvard & Stone on July 10 that I'm currently prepping. I cannot wait to get back on stage and give people something unique. Give them a peek into my heart and soul.


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