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Kelly Vargas Takes Us For A "short ride"

Kelly Vargas is a singer-songwriter and independent recording artist originally from New York. Coming from a Costa Rican-American background, Kelly identifies as an Alternative R&B and Pop Latinx artist.

Writing songs and performing in both English and Spanish, the bilingual artist aims to highlight the subcommunity of the Latinx bilingual community in the U.S. since her upbringing has been a merge of both cultures.

Taking our attention to the ambient new single from Kelly Vargas, we click play on "short ride" and immediately sink into our seats. The production elements combine a series of elusive and prevailing components to round out the dark and intimate R&B soundscape.

Allowing us to take in the whirlwind of emotions visibly we visit when indulging in Kelly Vargas' inimitable croons, there's an almost ethereal feel to the entirety of the energy conveyed. Kelly Vargas' timbres are projected in a way that has us dipping into the compelling flow of feathery lyrical motifs caressing the speakers.

Cascading upon the beat, we hear the narrative highlight frustration with normalization hookup culture in today's dating scene. Taking us into a tale that unravels as the spotlight falls upon an individual who wants to enjoy her presence only for a short time while lacking the attempt of human and emotional connection.

Playing into the heart of Kelly Vargas herself, there are many of her own ways etched into the song's deeper meaning. Speaking out to all the hopeless romantics out there, Kelly Vargas drives home the vulnerable expressions in "short ride."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kelly Vargas, and congratulations on your latest single release! We love how you open up about pieces of yourself being reflected in "short ride." Do you always get this vulnerable in your music?

Thank you for having me! With my songwriting and music in general it can be a central source of vulnerability, expression, and healing in many forms. Sometimes I write music because it feels and sounds good or I’m just having a great time with other songwriters. Sometimes I write music from personal situations in my life or even just a made-up story. It all honestly depends, but that’s the beauty of composing and songwriting. The infinite amount of options you have with the creative aspect of it. In ‘short ride’ it was a social commentary from past personal experiences in my dating life, created into one scenario for the purpose of the track, writing, and aesthetic. I love being honest and vulnerable in music at times. So yes, it can be very healing and rewarding.

How long did it take for you to create this song? Could you please shine a light on what the songwriting process looked like for you?

The song was written in a span of two sessions with my friend and creative collaborator, Hartsook (Thomas Kaplin). I met him here out in LA and ever since then we have been getting into sessions and writing songs/demos together. This is the second track release that we have collaborated on and it’s always a great time working with him. With this track, we got into his studio, listened to songs we love and feel inspired by, and literally just started writing and recording everything from scratch together.

What advice do you have for your audience going through similar themes that are addressed in "short ride?"

Don’t fall for the potential of a partner, relationship, or scenario. Take the facts as it is and face the truth and its outcomes. Save yourself wasting your limited time and mental sanity trying to convince people to want to be with you or to stay. It’s not worth it. Who needs that kind of energy in their life anyway?

As an artist, what is the main message you aim to convey to your audience?

Honest self-expression and vulnerability in my music and songwriting. Crossing genres through lyrics, vocal production, and arrangement. Creating a difference and niche for people to like and relate to.

What's next for you?

New music for sure! So far I’ve been releasing singles per season and this is my winter release and first track of 2022. I also have been gigging out here in LA with a full band. We had our first show a few weeks ago at the Virgil and our second show is Friday, February 18th at the legendary Viper Room. Catch our set at 8:30 pm! Tickets you can find on my IG @KellyVargasMusic starting this Monday.

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