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Kelsy Karter And The Heroines Provides Stripped Down Cover Of “Holding Out for A Hero”

Let’s start by saying this is a “you need to hear it first” type of moment.

The British/Australian band Kelsy Karter and The Heroines introduce us to a phenomenal stripped cover of an all-time favorite, originally from Bonnie Tyler: "Holding Out for a Hero."

The band is known for their amazing and unique way of Rock & Roll. And this cover is no exception; there’s no way you listen to it and don’t feel like you were just taken on a deep, spiritual journey. The song itself already has such an overwhelming set of lyrics.

Still, Kelsy Karter and The Heroines added feeling to this journey with the instruments, the sobriety, the seriousness, and the rawness of Kelsy’s voice, basically the “stripped” factor of a cover; it is a compelling combination that leaves us in awe.

As Kelsy alluded, "We wanted to pay homage to the timeless appeal of 'Holding Out for a Hero' while infusing it with our unique musical essence," which is precisely what they did. This is an opportunity to genuinely understand what the lyrics and song want to express; it is something you never knew you needed to listen to until you did.

This is just one of many examples of these artists' versatility, adaptability, and accuracy. To create an entirely different perspective from a piece that was already good and capture a whole new message.

This cover will hit you right when and where you need it in your heart. We recommend you let yourself get struck by it like we did. This beautiful piece and the incredible work from Kelsy Karter and The Heroines are found on all streaming platforms and social media. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Kelsy and the band.


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