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Kenji Azuma Relieves Us With A Gentle Record, “amairo”

We are taken on a floating cloud journey by Kenji, where we slowly drift away to the endless smooth sounds of several tender instruments giving us the exact feeling we yearn for.

A Japan-based multi-instrumentalist, Kenji Azuma, plays many healing instruments such as a steel drum, swindle drum, RAV VAST, Hand Pan, Kalimba, Crytal Tuning Fork, etc. His journey with creating music started 30 years ago, but now he mainly focuses on ambient and vibration music. Kenji's records are inspired by nature and the spirits he met during his journeys when traveling to many countries, and his performances are a creative expression of nature and earth, and he doesn't stop there. Kenji works with many musicians, artists, and dancers to put his music out there.

Kenji embarks on a soulful journey as we enter "amairo." We immediately feel the pressure leave our bodies as Kenji fascinates us with many unique instruments, assisting us on the healing journey forward. Kenji's sentiment carries a tender-hearted feeling while taking our minds on an earthly journey through many travels, whether we sail, fly, or walk.

Pressing ahead, Kenji continues to give us free-flowing melodies. They match the vibe perfectly as we create different scenarios that fit these fantastic sounds. "amairo" is the epitome of laying on a cloud with an empty mind, no worries, and a rested heart; we can hear the ambient elements that create vibrations that express nature and earth, much like how Jhene Aiko uses her instruments. Kenji takes us out with a single tool, and it gets softer and softer till it fades away.

Feel the vibrations as Kenji Azuma takes us on a healing journey in his latest release, "amairo," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kenji Azuma. We appreciated every second of your reflective and healing new single, "amairo". What was the primary source of inspiration behind this personal piece?

“amairo” is the name of a color in Japanese. The color is like a very clear sky. So When I recorded all instruments, my mind focused on “pure, clear sound."

Kenji, what was the most rewarding part about creating "amairo?" What did you appreciate most from the experience?

The most rewarding thing was that I played all instruments by myself.

What do you hope the listener realizes or considers after experiencing "amairo?"

I hope after listening to it, the listeners realize the “tiny sound” around them.

How did you want the production and sonics in "amairo" to make listeners feel? What was your goal with the song's overall atmosphere?

Because I played a lot of tiny instruments. They have a unique sound, respectively. But we are unaware that the tiny sound even exists. I believe all that exists is mean the world. So I’m happy the song triggers a change in their ears.

What's next for you?

My next project is playing items that are not instruments. Such as muscle potential sound with Dr.X in some universities.


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