Kenna Reminds Us to Hold On With Her Recent Single, "Second Wave"

Navigating life in Nashville, TN, the alternative-pop artist and singer-songwriter Kenna releases her empowering Covid-inspired single, "Second Wave."

Deeply believing in the power of growth and healing through music, Kenna's sound offers a brave space of intention and meaning; she's always one to combine heartfelt lyrics with infectious melodies and catchy rhythms. An LGBTQIA+ identifying artist, Kenna is passionate about using her art to bring awareness to the community's boundless social injustices.

Co-written with Jared Anderson and Hadley Kennary, Kenna's latest single, "Second Wave," offers listeners a breath of fresh air through the inspiring lyrical message and serene instrumentals. When expanding on the song's inspiration, Kenna stated, "I'm learning that every experience I have of 'failing' leads to comes in seasons, and sometimes we just have to surrender to the moment and dive in."

Listening to "Second Wave," Kenna opens the song with her soothing vocal portrayal, singing of the surprising emotion she felt during our first wave of the pandemic. While the supporting instrumentals slowly begin to pour in their ethereal tones and uplifting melodies, Kenna starts singing of diving into the experiences that life throws her way.

Serving listeners a bounty of inspiration and hope through lyrics like "It's a cycle for survival, don't give up," Kenna makes her way to the song's outro alongside the mid-tempo drum patterns, gleaming electric guitar, and vibrant synth melodies. We genuinely admire Kenna's ability to offer an ode to the long-lasting pandemic while also allowing listeners to stay inspired and motivated.

Find Kenna's empowering single, "Second Wave," on all digital streaming platforms, and allow the Nashville singer-songwriter to help you keep faith during our repetitive days.

We truly appreciate the uplifting lyricism and relatable themes you've delivered within "Second Wave." How long was the single in the making? When did the process begin?

Thank you so much! I definitely was hoping for it to come across that way. We wrote this song over Zoom in May of 2020. It was shortly after the pandemic hit and we were forced to pivot in the way we collaborate together as musicians. We worked on the track and cut vocals shortly after. This one felt like it happened pretty quick, in comparison to a lot of my other songs.

What was your collaboration like with co-writers Jared Anderson and Hadley Kennary for the single "Second Wave"? How did they help bring the ideas and lyricism to life?

It was a beautiful collaboration! I love working with both of them so much. Jared was the one who had the song title idea “second wave”. We got into a conversation about the feeling of swimming in the ocean when waves are crashing one after the other. Every time the three of us write together, it always begins with a conversation about what’s happening in our own personal lives. This topic came up very organically. I find that the best songs I write relate to real-life experiences.

Did you work with any producers or musicians when navigating the sonic atmosphere and instrumentals for your single "Second Wave"?

Jared Anderson, who wrote on the song, also produced and mixed the song. Hadley tracked background vocals on this one. It was super fun making this one and also strategically adding some water-sounding elements to the track to go along with the theme.

How do songs like "Second Wave" help listeners get to know you and your brand better? Do you normally create such relatable lyrical environments within your songs?

I’m all about writing to themes of growth, learning, uncertainty, and being human. I'd say this song lines up pretty clearly with my mission as an artist. I really just write about the things I go through in my own life. I think we all go through similar things as humans.

What's next for you?

I’ll be releasing one song per month for the rest of the year! So, be on the lookout for much more new music.