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Kenna's Latest Single, "Better Half," Feels Buoyant and Magical, Unearthing a Message That Hits Home

Kenna's latest single arrives festooned with the svelte finishes of modern Pop, vitreous guitars, indie-reflecting synths, and sweet, soft-sung vocals, including a wholesome narrative formed from an abundance of sonic corporealities that inspire listeners to unapologetically experience their genuine selves.

In "Better Half," Kenna sheds the heavy-husk of vulnerability, revealing her authentic inner-self and embraces the influence of her deepest subterranean intuitions. She throttles the volume of the less-confident voices in her head, making room for the sanguine characters whispering from the depths of her mind: "there's a beating in my chest, a dreamer, believer, I feel her." 

With the support of long-time producer and compatriot, Jared Anderson, this soul-searchers anthem renders up an organic soundscape, inlaid with the buoyant thump of a four-to-the-floor rhythm, a kaleidoscopic array of oscillating synths, and magnetizing guitar performances that work in tandem with Kenna's voice to super-charge the expanses of this breezy, and serendipitous mix. 

Weaving between percussive constituents that crisscross between twangy glass bottles and supple claps in the verses, she explores the virtue of her inner-self analyzing the care-free nature of her alter-ego: "she does things I wish I could, she goes to the parties herself, she's not sorry."

When Kenna melts into the gushing chorus, a sense of infatuation washes over you almost instantly, caressing you with the oscillating nature of droning synths, as Kenna buzzes over her ultimate realization, "I already have my better half, I don't have to look too far."

It's a declaration to herself and to listeners. Urging and pointing deep down within herself exemplify the inner strength and confidence inside us all.

It's these fleshy bits of Kenna's music, where her Baltimore-bred aesthetics take flight over Nashville-inspired chromatics and glistening melodies—that garnishes her super-fan following with an undying after-glow, that follows from one release to the next, like an elevated autumn breeze.  

On "Better Half," Kenna gathers the touchstones of her musical influences and modernizes the crunchier relationships between indie and pop with her hallmark sonics, deep-felt lyrics, and infatuating performances. 

Can you tell us about some of your own struggles related to the narrative and message in "Better Half?" Have you experienced some turbulence in life concerning discovering your inner self?

I’ve repeated a lot of stories over and over again to myself for a lot of my life. Most of those stories involve me not feeling “enough” or “worthy” of something. It’s really hard to de-program myself from this way of thinking when society is built on this logic. Capitalism tells us to buy this product or spend money on this or that, and you will *finally* feel worthy. Our society and culture have conditioned us to believe that we are unworthy of rest, self-care, love, success. We’re supposed to hustle, grind, work until we’re in the grave, and then maybe finally we will have earned that vacation time. I’ve been feeling so frustrated by this rhetoric, which is really where this song came from. The lies that we are told are simply stories - ones that were fed to us from the beginning. Now it’s our turn to flip it on its head and build a better and more supportive society. I have been tuning in to the voice inside of me that’s always known I’m worthy of good things and beautiful things. She knows when I need to rest, she knows when I need support, and it’s up to me to listen. So often, people speak about their partners as their "better half" and I wanted to write a song that plays on that idea. When we're in a society that lifts up and gives grace to all, we all become whole within ourselves. The more I connect with my own better half, the better off I am. <3

What were the most resounding emotions that found their way into the vocal booth with you during the recording process for "Better Half?"

I think this song was totally healing for me. It helped me reconnect with that inner self within me that always knows I’m where I’m meant to be. This song definitely feels like a fun pop song on the surface. When we went back into the studio to record it, I realized how meaningful it was to me to write a song of this nature. It became more to me than just a song I love to dance to. It’s a meaningful bop. So, what really came up for me when the recording was a connection with that side of me I am always trying to bring out in my everyday life - a side who is unapologetic, willing to take chances, unafraid of the uncertainty, who approaches everything with curiosity and intention.

How do your musical arrangements usually come to fruition? Can you run us through how that process worked specifically for "Better Half?"

Jared had found a sample and brought it to the session. It actually never ended up making it into the track in the end, but it inspired the whole write. It was a loop that sounded pretty Coldplay-esque. We built the track around that. Jared added some ideas here and I added some ideas and we ended up structuring the whole song around that beat. It really feels like an intuitive process for us, and it always is super organic and natural. For this one, it felt like it all came out at once. It really ends up being different for every song. Sometimes we will start with a chord progression or melody idea I bring, or Jared will start a track with a specific topic in mind. It’s a very collaborative effort!

If you could give your listeners a few words that would act as your own personal prologue to the experience behind "Better Half," what would you say, and why?

"Better Half" is about listening to the voice inside that’s always guiding me in the right direction. Within you and me, in a world below the surface, there is a fully realized and

unapologetically authentic version of each one of us. If we let go and get quiet, we can listen in. I feel like I am always being guided by a little voice, nudging me where I am meant to go. My better half can take me to places I never thought I could go. I have everything I need right within.

Can we expect a video visual to follow with your new release, "Better Half?"

I’m hoping to pull something special together. Stay tuned! 





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