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Kenneth Scheriff Takes Us On His Journey As He Gets “Lost In The Rain”

Formerly known as Saint Scheriff, Kenneth James is an American DJ and record producer from Long Island, New York. As an independent artist, Kenneth James has connections to multiple genres of music. Kenneth is not like many artists, he shows us that with his uptempo instrumental and huge "wow" factor that he really cares about his craft. Kenneth James is the new and improved version of authentic music production, and shares with us his latest smash single, "Lost In The Rain."

In his recent single, he teams up with Birmingham songwriter and vocalist, Conor Robertson to showcase the potent new single that has us all dancing. "Lost In The Rain" talks about his feelings towards a special woman and how he feels every time she calls him up. He says that he doesn't want to waste any of the precious moments and wants to live and appreciate the 'now' with her.

Conor sings about how he overthinks a lot, but when they're in each other's arms again he feels so much better, safe and perfect together. "Lost In The Rain" is where they see each other being free and they wouldn't waste their time spending their love story any other way. "Lost In The Rain" feels like an analogy for freedom, bliss, romance, and life.

The roles switch in the second bridge lyrically, when the woman's feelings correlate with exactly how he's feeling in the first verse. Conor pieces the love story together effortlessly as the two characters in the love story collide for the record's high climaxes and immense drops.

With record deals lined up for 2022, Kenneth James is eager to see his growth over the next year and so are we. Press play on "Lost In The Rain," today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kenneth, and congratulations on your latest release, the "Lost In The Rain" concept, and how did you choose whom you were going to collaborate with?

Thank you for having me! 'Lost In The Rain' was a concept inspired by the modern sounds of today's dance music. As a music producer, I've really connected with that classic M1 Piano sound, and I wanted to fill in the gaps with organic melodic elements. I think this gives the listener a nice balance. My good friend from Birmingham, Conor Robertson! I found out about Conor when he went live on Gemstone Records Instagram. I really enjoyed his voice, and so I followed him. Little did I know how chill we would become. Nowadays, I consider him a great friend having conversations about life more than music. 'Lost In The Rain' was the first time working with Conor; however, we do have two or three more songs on the way. His lyricism is out of this world, and his vocals have really pushed me to become more of the producer I strive to be. I can't thank him enough for being a part of this song.

Based on your previous records, is there anything you did differently during the creation process for "Lost In The Rain?"

As far as previous creations, I've really found my niche under my new name Kenneth James. I think that is what makes me really excited to share more music. The process is very similar, but I've learned how to properly add ear candy to my music, and now I have a great sense of song structure. It's sort of like the scientific method. Once you figure out your style, it becomes that much more fun and creative. I can tell you, though, that most of my songs stem from the chord progression or bass line. Then all the other elements will follow.

As a DJ from New York, what were some of the challenges you faced when it came to being recognized as an independent artist in the music industry?

As an independent artist, I think the biggest challenge we all face is that you have this expectation for yourself. I've been producing music for nine years now, and I can't tell you how many records label has declined my music. It is important not to be discouraged but to be confident in your music. I've learned the marketing that comes with an independent release, and it's something I rely on when I love a song but can't find a record label that will release it.

You've created so many successful records over the years. Which is your favorite and why?

I've loved a lot of my previous records, but under 'Kenneth James,' I've really found the quality that I've been looking for. I think my favorite song I've ever created was under my name 'Saint Scheriff.' The track is titled 'Do It Right' with my friend Andrew Shine. It's a real summer anthem and can still be found on streaming platforms. Now I look forward to Kenneth James. It's a new project I've been working on, and these will be some of my favorite releases. I wanted to separate my old music from this new sound I've been working on, and so, Kenneth James was born.

What's next for you?

I'm super excited to share what's next for me! I've released two independent releases under my new name in order to build momentum for this year. Coming on April 8th, I have a release with Jendex Records, which is a song I really enjoyed making. On July 1st, I have a release with Storm Music Group, which will be my biggest release to date. These are really some of my favorite productions yet. I've also produced a re-make to a popular 90's song who I can't say the record label yet! I'm excited to see my growth in 2022 and to see the support from my fans.


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