Kevin Snow Releases The Promising Lyrical Hit, “Bruce Wayne”.

Kevin Snow, better known by his professional name Snow, is a 21-year-old upcoming artist out of Cleveland, Ohio. he always wanted to pursue music as a career so he began 2 years ago. With the release of his third mixtape Poems by Sn❄️w on Jul 18th, he desires to draw in others who can join the wave. In a matter of two years, Snow has managed to create his own label with his cousin MoGod known as ChillsidexLionPosse.

We took a listen to “Bruce Wayne” and this record begins with a melodic beat that started off as an introduction that transformed into a consistent fusion of smooth melodies and a hard-hitting trap beat! The lyrics were detailed, smoothly-connected, and fluently executed. I enjoyed this unique arrangement of the song. Kevin Snow shows us that it’s okay to reconstruct the sound of hip-hop but remain true to the roots of the culture! He’s an interesting rapper who has his own style and swag going on, yet he authentically represents this genre. “Bruce Wayne” was a calm banger that we can listen to over and over again. Snow knows exactly how to capture his listener and cultivate us into the music. With a song so unforgettable as this one, we’re excited for what’s to come with his future releases. In the meantime, let’s replay this thought-provoking rap hit.

Check out "Bruce Wayne" here and read more in our interview with Kevin Snow below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kevin Snow. Knowing music has been something you’ve been vying for since the early ages of 2. What would you recall as some of your early influences?

Thank you for this opportunity, my early influencers would start off with Michael Jackson, Belly, who's an XO artist, and Drake.


How has the journey been for you so far? What’s been the most monumental moment in your career?

The journey has been bumpy, but i would say I'm hanging on. My first performance was probably something I would never forget, the crowd was bumping! Everything was so fun and I enjoyed myself.

We loved “Bruce Wayne”. What was the main theme behind this single?

The theme for Bruce Wayne is definitely have to be family. from late nights to early morning every feeling i felt from those moments are poured into Bruce Wayne. and i like the BatMan series.

What motivated you to write “Bruce Wayne” where did you draw its inspiration from?

Bruce Wayne's inspiration came from a song on Drake's Album (More Life) called Gyalchester, it was crazy.

What’s next for you Kevin Snow?

I'm aiming to surpass my own expectation and upgrade my velocity, With this new project (Demons & Parasites). I'm also looking forward to doing more shows and being more active with my community.

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