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Keyz Vango Releases A Stellar Hit, “Hol It”

Keyz Vango was an Alabama-born artist who was raised under the holy background of a gospel music background. He attended college for some time but eventually dropped out to pursue his musical ambitions.

Beginning as a versatile producer and ghostwriter across various genres, Keyz Vango transitioned into the multi-faceted artist he is today. Over time, he’s developed a unique creative voice that delivers his authentic truth. He has a special way of breaking through an audience and crowd of people with a bonafide persona you can’t help but love!

Keyz Vango is geared to release his latest hit single, "Hol It,” and we’re optimistic he will cause waves with this one! The track was written, produced, and engineered by Vango himself and is a passionate slow jam dealing with ideas of love and loyalty. Anticipating the inevitable distance from his success, Vango asks the woman he loves, “Can you hold it down?” in this affectionately catchy hook. One thing we loved about this record was the opening lyric to the song. “Say my name Say my name,” with the opening melody playing homage to the popular classic by Destiny Child! Additionally, this record showed a massive element of timelessness. It’s one of those songs you can listen to years from now and still find the same sensations you felt when you first heard the record.

Vango had this smooth, sophisticated appeal to his vocal tone, perfect for serenading the ladies and creating a more attractive image for his artistry. Keyz wants to know, “Can you stand the sunshine, even if it comes with rain?” The song is brilliantly chilled, built around a smooth guitar hook textured with vocal improvisations, and lets Vango’s lyrics come to the forefront. Vango has the riveting vocal quality alongside an emotionally-rich delivery to breathe life into his romantically driven lyrics! “Hol It” was a nice vibe from a killer artist with much to look forward to in his career.

You have such a classic and timeless appeal to your music! Who are some of your musical influences and in what ways have they essentially inspired you?

Despite the recent controversies involving Michael Jackson, I gotta say Michael was a MAJOR influence in how I perceived a timeless artist should be. He was a hero to me, everybody loved Michael. The way he constantly evolved in music, since he was like 5 years old made me believe I could do the same if I worked really hard like he did. So as a child & getting to witness Michael Jackson at the peak of his fame in the 90s, it really inspired me to want to be one of the greatest one day. Other HUGE influences would include legendary producers/artist double threats like Pharrell, Kanye & Ryan Leslie. Those guys have done it all and someday I will too.

Tell us about your record “Hol It”, what was the vision you were aiming to achieve with this song?

Put simply, “Hol’ It” is a record about, well, holding it down. Being able to weather the storm even when there is no rain. Being able to love and make sacrifices for someone during the good times, even if those good times don’t necessarily fall in your favor specifically. Can you stand the sunshine even if it comes with rain? It’s a selfish thing to ask, but sometimes the hardest part of a relationship is finding ways to compromise & sacrifice for one another.

What emotion did you channel in while writing this single? Do you think it conveyed with the music and translated well?

Like all of my songs, I try to channel a combination of things going on in my personal life as well as situations that are happening to those nearest, next to, and around me. These past 4 years I’ve dealt with a lot of personal family issues involving divorce as well as some personal relationship challenges all revolving around the themes of “push & pull”. I feel like a lot of times we get caught up in reacting & trying to 1-up one another instead of trying to find the middle ground and utilizing patience with one another. Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. Just hold it down for a while and allow time to heal wounds and work it out. Based on the reactions I’ve gotten so far, I think it’s the right song for a lot of couples out there going through it, hopefully this song brings them closer in their times of growing distance.

What’s next for you Keyz Vango?

I have visual I’m working on for “Hol’ It”. I’m teaming up with my homie Tommy Rebel again, he shot my video for “Night” off my LATE, Vol. 1 EP. Go check that out if you haven’t already, Tommy is a beast! Also working on TONS of new music, collabing with some really dope local musicians and producers to help further mold my sound into something unique & innovative to keep you all on your toes.

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