Kfir Says You’re A “Drama Queen”

Born in Tirat Carmel, Israel, Kfir is an American Israeli, New York based singer/songwriter. Starting his career as a professional ballet dancer, Kfir is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dance in London. While dancing around the world and on the biggest stages such as the Metropolitan Opera house in New York City and later in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom Of The Opera on the US national tour, Vegas and Broadway productions he felt the need to start expressing himself beyond dance. Surrounded by a diverse range of musical genres growing up, Kfir found music was in his DNA. Kfir discovered his own vocal talents by singing his favorite songs from his parents records collections of Pink Floyd, Queen, Michael Jackson and the Eurythmics. Finding his ambition to create his own music, Kfir's sound is a unique blend of Pop/R&B/Dance. Making waves through the music industry, Kfir is the one to watch. 

Kfir’s hot dance track “Drama Queen” has accumulated almost 20k views on youtube in a short span of time. Fusing the best of heartfelt songwriting with a smooth and expressive leading vocal “Drama Queen” makes for a dance-pop crossover hit, with lashings of rhythm and soul that help lean the whole thing in a fairly unique direction. Kfir’s sound and approach are authentic to him, there are layers to this that showcase an artist who has found his flow. His voice, the personality, the multi-colored nature of the soundscape, and the uplifting brightness of the synths that rain down, all showcase Kfir’s undeniable skill. While the songwriting is the greatest strength, the production and performance alike help elevate everything within to effective levels. We can’t wait to hear more from Kfir! 

Listen to “Drama Queen” here and read more with Kfir below! 


Welcome to BuzzMusic Kfir! What prompted you to first start recording your music?

I never really consciously thought about recording music. Though, I did had sparks of it all around my childhood. My mother was a professional singer and a performer and I used to go to rehearsals with her as a kid and play hide and seek with my sister under the stage. I always imitated big stars performances in my bedroom, though I was ashamed of my voice, I decided to become a dancer. Still performing but only with my body to express myself. I lived around music all the time, from classical, rock, pop folk. I was very artistic kid. I remember even when I didn’t have music around I used to hum melodies all the time. My childhood friend used joke saying, “I was a walking radio station creating my own programs and I need to shut up”. Only later after moving to the State, I started writing poetry about things I’ve been through, being lonely and having poetry as an emotional outlet helped me release pressure. One day I decided to add music to it. It was only a matter of time.

How do you get started when writing a new song?

A new song for me can come out of no-where. Many times it starts with a word I might hear on the street. I try to be very open to the outside world and beyond, so I can observe most around me. Most of the time, I wake up in the middle of the night with melodies that come to me in my dreams. I run into the bathroom and record it to voice note. Recently, I received a beat while on my winter vacation in Miami. I was so inspired by it that I started humming this melody to it. I faceTime my co-writer right away and in no more than twenty minutes later sitting under the palm trees this gigantic song was born. two hours later all my lyrics for it where completed. This track opened the flood gates of creativity since then and today I am about to finish a brand new EP.

We love “Drama Queen”! It’s very powerful! How did you write this song, and what does it mean to you?

Drama queen was a very deliberate song writing. The song is about paying proper respect to other people no matter what. One thing that kept happening to me in NYC was that I would run into people over and over again, folks that I’ve met before and even spoke to and so many times people will ignore me or act like we never seen each other. I don’t expect a full stop and conversation but one thing about me is that I will never be too good to acknowledge anyone on the street. If I know you, I will at list nod. This song represent inner strength to me, respect and attitude. Most of all the freedom to say whats on my mind. Hand the attitude back.

Who or what would you say inspires you the most to pursue and put your time and passion into music?

Of course major artist and their stage shows. I love performance, I love hearing a crowed in the heights of excitements it give me goos bumps all over. I’m dying to feel that. But mostly, my passion lays in music itself. Melodies, lyrics, feeling, thoughts, emotions. I live and breathe it. Music has helped me so much in my life, it made feel, it made go through hard, happy, sad events. It made me dance, it gave me life. Also, I am a taurus very stubborn and when I set a goal for myself, I do it with the outmost passion and drive. I’m like a pit bull once my jews are locked I don’t let go!

What’s next for you?

Well today I perform eight shows a week on Broadway in Phantom of the opera, and on my days off I travel to New Jersey to wrap up my new EP project a Pop Hop style produced mostly by Majik Reed at the Hits Lab. I’ve been working on it the whole summer and about to release my first single off it. Then in the fall, release the rest. I am so excited about this project. I know I have few major hits on it! And also because I am back to my dance roots, this EP as a whole makes me want to dance and I can’t wait to start performing and sharing it with everyone.


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