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Khadi Lee Wants Nothing To Do With The “FriendZone”

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, singer-songwriter and r&b recording artist Khadi Lee yearns to be taken out of the "FriendZone" in his new picturesque music video for the sweet single.

Khadi Lee is a Cleveland star on the rise. He's received vast radio airplay around the city and was recognized as Cleveland's Real 106.1 iHeart radio "Spotlight Artist" for his sophomore EP 'Late Night Hour.' The r&b recording artist continues to swoon listeners with his broad vocal range, rhythmic pop melodies, and authentic artistic approach.

In his newest release, Khadi Lee dropped his third official EP dubbed 'Sneaky Link,' featuring the harmonious and passionate single, "FriendZone." More recently, his latest music video for the vibrant single brought his distaste for the friend zone to life. He takes us through those debilitating moments when someone special won't budge from friendship status.

Jumping into the music video for "FriendZone," the experience begins with shots of the California hills and valleys that take us into an ethereal scene of Khadi Lee and a curly-haired goddess sitting pretty in a lush field. As they jump into Lee's Maserati and hit Rodeo Drive, they stroll the scene with linked arms and undeniable chemistry.

We must mention that Khadi Lee's smooth and alluring vocals alongside the warm r&b sonics are a match made in heaven, similar to what we see in his music video between two prospective lovers. When his counterpart denies his love once again, Khadi Lee reaches out to his sneaky link for some TLC.

Sick of being in the "FriendZone?" So is Khadi Lee. Experience his pure passion and devotion in his latest music video, now available on YouTube. Find the single, "FriendZone," off his new EP 'Sneaky Link,' on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Khadi Lee. Your new music video for "FriendZone" is hands down one of the most relatable visual experiences we've seen this year. What inspired the vulnerable and passionate song itself?

Thanks for having me again, I’m honestly thrilled that the relatability of the “FriendZone” music video shines through because I wanted that more than anything else for this track. “FriendZone” is such a raw and honest place that we all find ourselves in sometimes that I felt it would be cool to express/articulate those emotions. Having that vibey friendship connection while also sharing an attraction or intimate relationship can be electric and dangerous.

What was it like working with director Jake Johnston for the "FriendZone" music video? How did he make the process easier and more enjoyable for you?

Working on the "Friendzone" music video was honestly my first time putting on the director's hat. I think in writing and creating this track, the lyrics painted such a vivid picture for me that I already had the storyline down. My manager definitely helped insinuate the storylines of friendship to lover, adding that woman’s touch. Working with Jake was so amazing because, in hearing the story, he was able to pick some of the most beautiful locations to paint this picture. On top of that, his color grading was just outstanding. Having all three heads on set definitely allowed us to bring our best for this shoot.

How did you manage to make the music video for "FriendZone" feel so intimate and personal? Was it easy for you to be so vulnerable when shooting your scenes?

It’s so crazy because I think it was the chemistry of the entire team that allowed this to gel so well. A lot of the time, we were just laughing and joking around. The love interest, aka my on-screen boo, and I really embraced talking to one another and trying to get to know things about each other helping us break the ice. I think that made it easier for us to become more and more comfortable as the shoot went on, and by the end of the video, it was almost like I was stuck in character.

What was your favorite part about creating the music video for "FriendZone?" Which experiences did you appreciate the most?

I think my favorite part about shooting the “FriendZone” music video is the fact that we shot some scenes in a particular area that almost got us in trouble. I think that really set the tone for us as a team to see how we all had each other‘s back, and we knew that we wanted to get to an end goal of making this video as dope as possible. We collectively had to come up with ways to get the content that we needed while blending in so that we wouldn’t draw too much attention

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