Khilla Keyz Stuns Us With New Music Video For Single "Memory"

Khilla Keyz is an upcoming hip-hop, urban prodigy hailing from Austin, Texas. He’s releasing his new project titled “Keyz” on January 20th and his recent video release of “Memory” holds as a visual prelude to much of the music Khilla is planning on dropping.

The song “Memory” has a sufficient amount of lyrical compellness where you can become immensely intrigued by the artist capability to develop a personal story into a song where people can vibe and relate too. The video’s concept serves as a musical therapy session where you can see Khilla Keyz is allowing all of his inner feelings and thoughts liberate onto the track and into the studio to a man playing the guitar who can be symbolized as his therapist.

Khilla Keyz turns these therapeutic sessions into a way for him to rap about not only his backdrop behind his music, but his future motives, and passionate subordinate over his dream and goal. You can easily tell that he spent meticulous amount of time carefully planning and executing his idea to propel his personal musical story forward.

Check out the new music video below!


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