Kick Back and Rock Your Roll With Melted Vinyl

Classic Rock band Melted Vinyl creates the type of music that emphasizes vocal performance as well as strong instrumentation. For the last 9 years, the band has consecutively delivered catchy and striking tunes to listeners, which is why we're putting the full spotlight on them and their music today! One thing we appreciate from Melted Vinyl is their ability to consistently construct the classic rock n' roll tracks with a heavy sense of flair and attitude. We feel nostalgia kick in when their music comes on, and our attraction to their infectious beat is inevitable. They're bringing back a sound many of us yearn for, and add in elements many of us find ourselves overwhelmed with. They bring the best of both worlds, and we aren't mad one bit. 

Some past works of Melted Vinyl we've seen before were 'Lights We Chase', and it was a great record to project the band's artistry. Collectively, Melted Vinyl just works quite effortlessly. The band comes together and contributes the best parts of themselves to the music. We hear it, we feel it and we ultimately sense it. Maybe that's why we've always been insanely attracted to that driving tempo the band creates, and why we find it difficult to stop listening once we've started. We love featuring the band here on BuzzMusic, and we're intrigued to see where Melted Vinyl ends up in the near future music-wise.

Check out Melted Vinyl and their rocking music here