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Kim Kline Releases Riveting Anti-bullying Single

Raised in the tiny town of Graham, Texas, singer-songwriter Kim Kline developed an early, and enduring passion for music. It was her lifeblood: from rhythm and melody to harmony and performance, nothing else so keenly stirred her passion for life. As soon as she could, Kim Kline moved to Los Angeles to pursue her rock n' roll aspirations. All her hard work, determination, and upbeat spirit led to numerous success including radio play, awards, and multiple venue performances.

Kim Kline expresses a sense of vulnerability in this moving and ear captivating single titled “Stand Tall.” "Stand Tall" is the motivational anti-bullying record that gives you a sense of hope and belonging in the world. Kim Kline’s brittle yet solid vocal tone went through many different registers including low and high, giving us a different key to keep the melody progressive and consistent. What I really liked most about the song was the message. Bullying is a huge problem in schools all over and although it can be difficult getting a permanent fix to the issue, we can stop kids from feeling as if they must be a punching bag and take it. "Stand Tall" basically tells you to keep your head up high, and don’t allow people's negative energy to dim your light. In the music video released, Kim depicts a young boy who has at home problems, taking his anger out on a fellow student in school, attempting to bully her. It kind of emphasizes the whole idea that people bully others due to problems in their own personal lives. I also loved how Kim lyrically projected the idea of not being a silent bystander and if you see somebody being picked on, stand your ground and come to their aid.

Be sure to check out Kim's "Stand Tall" and scroll below for the artist's exclusive interview touching on where she grew up, meaning behind her song, and goals in 2019!

Usually people develop a specific style for their music based off their upbringings and environment. Has growing up in Texas influenced your artistry in any way?

Growing up in Texas has influenced my artistry most definitely.  I was raised 90 miles from the nearest big city, so I spent a lot of time as a small child in the backseat of the car where the radio became my best friend.  My mother's love and passion for classic rock and Pop/R&B was infused in me from my earliest childhood memories. Which really set the tone for me as an artist.

What was the motive behind writing “Stand Tall”?

The motive behind writing "Stand Tall" was something that came from my subconscious.  I kept seeing so many stories of bullying in today's society and the long-lasting impact on children and their families.  There is such a severity with this issue that in some cases it leads to death by suicide.  

How can “Stand Tall” serve as a factor and voice of reason in anti-bullying movements?

"Stand Tall" makes people realize oh that's what happened to you too?  You've been bullied?  They realize they are not alone. I've had so many people writing and sharing their stories of bullying with me.  They feel heard and empowered like a spot light is being put on this topic, but in a way that's relatable through music. Our world thrives on pop culture, so they relate to the song and feel it's an anthem for them.  

Were you able to relate to your own song?

Absolutely I can relate to my own song, which makes it even more powerful and authentic.

What are some other things besides music you enjoy indulging yourself in?

Spending time with family and friends going to dinners, and taking trips are some of my favorite indulgences.  Time with family really brings me so much happiness and is worlds away from my music so it’s a nice contrast.  

What's next for you through 2019?

2019 is gonna be so exciting.  I will be releasing more music singles at radio from my new album titled "Exhale", I’m touring with dates to be announced, I’m doing speaking engagements on bullying, ‘making other music videos, and ‘building out the Kim Kline brand with the launch of a suite of Kim Kline fragrances later this year.  A very busy year ahead for sure!


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