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Kimberly Dawn Confronts the Stigma Behind Mental Health in, "The Bottle"

The Nashville-based singer-songwriter and inspirational country artist Kimberly Dawn releases an emotionally rich single in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month entitled "The Bottle."

Constantly using her music to express messages of perseverance, humility, courage, and resilience, Kimberly Dawn recently partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Health for their 'You Are Not Alone' campaign. The Canadian-born musician never fails to shine a needed light on topics like mental health, as she states, "If my songs give someone else strength to get through the day, then I've done what I set out to do."

Rolling into Mental Health Awareness Month, Kimberly Dawn felt compelled to share her personal struggles through her latest single, "The Bottle." Alongside an introspective and reflective music video, Kimberly Dawn pushes an incredibly relatable and heartbreaking message while raising awareness for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and their 'You Are Not Alone' campaign.

Co-written with multi-award-winning songwriter Jeff Cohen, "The Bottle" opens with soothing country instrumentation through soft shakers, fluid piano melodies, and lush acoustic guitar strums. As Kimberly Dawn begins vocalizing her inner trials and tribulations while reaching for the bottle once again, she paints incredibly delicate and fragile images of wishing to get through these tough times with ease and comfort.

Highlight lyrics like, "We all live alone with our mistakes, hanging onto hope, it ain't too late," Kimberly Dawn continues to share a warm embrace with her audience while reminding them of grief, depression, anxiety, and their normality. Emphasizing the song's saddening themes throughout its music video, viewers can catch a reflective Kimberly Dawn as she reminds us to hold onto faith for a brighter and better day.

Find Kimberly Dawn's relatable single, "The Bottle," on all streaming platforms, and watch the inspirational artist in the song's pensive music video available on YouTube.

Thank you for emphasizing the importance of mental health with your latest single, "The Bottle." What inspired you to share personal struggles surrounding mental illness with this single?

I have had my own struggles over the years and I think a lot of times I have felt too embarrassed to talk about them. One being that I started drinking at a very young age. I was 12 when I first tried alcohol. Throughout my teenage years and early adulthood alcohol is what helped me cope with anxiety, stress and depression. Obviously it was a band-aide. I want people to know that they’re not alone and it’s OK to ask for help and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Today, I don’t drink and I live a life focused on wellness, and I have never been happier, but it’s important to ask for help.

What drew you to collaborate with multi-award-winning songwriter Jeff Cohen for your single, "The Bottle?” What was your collaborative experience like?

Jeff and I were introduced by a mutual friend. He graciously agreed to write with me, to both of our surprise, this song “The Bottle” was born. We wrote this song in about an hour and a half! I remember after we wrote the song we both looked at each other and were like this is a special song.

Did you work with any directors, producers, or videographers when shooting your music video for "The Bottle?” How do the scenes in the music video emphasize the song's delicate theme?

Yes I had such a great production team and they saw the vision that I had for this video. They literally transformed it into something I never could have imagined. I think each scene tells a story throughout the video. In “The Bottle” video it shows a woman struggling with addiction but then you see at the end, the climax, her being able to overcome the demons that we all have inside.

Could you tell us more about your partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Health and the 'You Are Not Alone' campaign?

May is Mental Health Month and NAMI has asked me to participate in their ‘#YouAreNotAlone’ campaign. You can see on my Instagram @OfficialKimberlyDawn I’ve shared a photo of who or what makes me feel #NotAlone in my mental health journey and I challenged two friends to do the same. NAMI is also highlighting those who have gone through struggles, and bringing mental health awareness to the forefront. I will do all I can to raise awareness for this cause, even offered them a place at the end of “The Bottle” music video so people know they can call NAMI for help.



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