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Kimi Kazee Shares Her Internal Struggles in, "Live With It"

The up-and-coming pop artist and singer-songwriter Kimi Kazee releases a powerfully inspirational and necessary single entitled "Live With It."

Carving her unique sound and path into the music industry, Kimi Kazee is skilled in audio production as she creates all of her beats from scratch. With song's that touch on identity, individual growth, complicated relationships, and mental health, it goes without saying that Kimi Kazee is a needed addition to the contemporary pop scene.

Recently releasing her dynamic and emotional single, "Live With It," Kimi Kazee presents her unique stylings while immersing us in the savory sonics of contemporary pop. As she shines a light on dealing with mental illness and opening up to those who don't understand, Kimi Kazee reminds listeners that there's always someone who will want to lend a helping hand.

"Live With It" opens with plucky electric guitars and lush background effects that crash over us like a wave on the shore. As a mild kick and snap make their way through our speakers, Kimi Kazee enters the song and shares her internal struggles while finding difficulty opening up about these occurrences with those who don't face the same mental situations.

As Kimi Kazee makes her way through the song, she lands on the powerful hook while exclaiming how she wouldn't have to live in such a saddened state if it weren't for the people who bring her down and belittle her problems. The song itself is incredibly lush and haunting, as Kimi Kazee soaks our speakers in tight trap drums and wavy synths that end the song with nothing but heart.

Allow your heart to open with help from Kimi Kazee's latest single, "Live With It," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Kimi Kazee and welcome to BuzzMusic. We truly appreciate the relatable and emotional theme you've tied into your recent single, "Live With It." What inspired the creation of this dynamic single?

When I was creating this song I was dealing with the shedding of things and people around me. It was more of an isolated period where I had to let go of people and perspectives I had, and deal with some of my own personal issues. There were quite a few people who were actually not speaking with me at that time and that was a difficult thing for me to deal with. I was really feeling guilty for all of the relationships that I was losing, really blaming myself and keeping myself in a painful mindset. That is where the song stemmed from, it doesn't have to be like this because I'm the one who has to live with it.

Did you create the entire production and sonics yourself for "Live With It?” What sort of vibe or atmosphere were you aiming to achieve?

I did all the production and lyrics myself. I do work with an amazing engineer, Luc Sylvestre, that really helps me to get the mix exactly how I want it. He is great at making every aspect of the song fit together with different effects and making it into a finished product. The vibe of the song was just to represent what emotion I was feeling at the time. This one had a darker, more painful tone to it.

Did you face any personal challenges when writing your lyrics for "Live With It?” What was your solo songwriting process like?

I think the main challenge I had for this song was trying to have the vocal melodies flow well with the instrumental. Even when I was at the stage of writing the lyrics, I wasn't sure if it was good enough. For this song I had the instrumental pretty much completed before I started doing vocal melodies then I wrote to match the melody. After that was done, I adjusted some of the beat to fit the structure better and then started recording and mixing.

If there was one thing that listeners could take away from your emotional single, "Live With It," what would you want that to be?

For me, the main theme of this song is that your situation is only as good as your perception of it. So always observe how you're talking to yourself and see how easily it affects how you feel. Be kind to yourself!

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

I'm not sure if he is independent but I recently discovered Aaryan Shah, his music has a similar vibe to mine. The song is "Dissociation."


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