King Che Black Brings Back Feel Good R&B With New Release “Ready”

King Che Blaq found his love for music at a very early age when he performed “You Are My Sunshine” on an afternoon bus ride with his mother. However, his passion for music increased profoundly after he experiences physical and verbal bullying for the first time by his classmates. This negative encounter encouraged him to indulge into music as his escape mechanism from the harsh words said by his peers. Over the next years, King Che Blaq grew as an artist with time and even released an EP titled “ Fearless: The Che Blaq EP”. His latest release, “Ready” placed me in a time period where music actually felt good. It had all the elements of classic R&B I use to love listening too. I personally remember growing up in a household where music was played everyday in our in home stereos. One particular genre my family loved to play all the time was R&B. King Che Black release of “Ready” brought back positive nostalgia and memories of my childhood where R&B music had a feeling of sincerity and authentic soul. You notice this classic R&B at the instant you hear King Che’s Black large vocal range and sensual resonance. His melodic vocals transitions between chest all the way to falsetto notes and stylistically delivers riffs and runs that even shoots straight to his whistle register. His talent is impeccable and his music brings me back to an era where the music industry wasn’t fabricated with a concurrent trend of transparent R&B. King Che Black most definitely stands apart from the crowd, and his future in this industry is looking a little bright!

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