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King Chronos Gifts Us With Trendy, “Rhythm N Vibes”

King Chronos is an artist, vocalist, and songwriter for the NYM Movement (New York Minute) pop duo with his brother Hollow. Growing Up in New York City, Chronos was introduced to Edm, Dance Techno, Trance, and House by his older brother Vertigo.

King Chronos is very much influenced by the Real Mcoy album, Corona Rhythm of the Night, and Robert Miles with his hit song "Children." Chronos writes music for all genres, but his solo work is more of a Pop/Edm/Dance style. His music is a reflection of the energy and his experience through time to create timeless pieces of art. His stage name also references Greek mythology as Kronos being the king of titans and the God of time.

As we commence on this very ambient journey with King Chronos, he introduces us to his very illuminating voice alongside the amazing beat filled with rhythm, which makes sense as to why he called it "Rhythm N Vibes." Chronos emphasizes how he feels alive when he's in the club doing his thing and seeing his crush/lover in lyrics like "And now we're dancing up in this club and your body up all on me can I be the one you want?"

He mentions how he couldn't wait to see her and show off how he's the rhythm and vibes altogether. The instrumental is immaculate as it has our hands up, jumping up and down, and giving it all our best dance moves. It's the anthem for summer! As he maintains his stamina, he says things like, "You turn me on up all the way, and now you got me in outer space you telling me that you feel the same and I don't even know your name," talking about how intoxication can make you do crazy things.

King Chronos offers every piece of the puzzle that creates a perfect hit record, and with "Rhythm N Vibes," it shows.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, King Chronos, and congratulations on your latest release, "Rhythm N Vibes." How did you come up with the concept for this release?

Most of the music I create is about my experiences in life. The concept of rhythm n vibes is based on breaking your limits, testing yourself through a wild night of events, and meeting a certain person who takes you through this exciting experience. I like to call it the "Tunnel to Oblivion. " It was a night of clubbing around the city, listening to different styles of music, enjoying each other's company, and catching a genuine vibe while their minds wandered off. It almost felt like our bodies were on auto-pilot, but our conscience stayed connected. As we reached the break of dawn, it felt like a dream. And the last text I received back was, "I loved how we vibe to the music all night long, let's do it again sometime" then I started to get these minor flashbacks as much as I can remember, and I feel like I had one great night. Big Shout Out to Impala Beats, those two women are phenomenal producers, and I love working with them on different productions.

As "Rhythm N Vibes" gets us dancing and letting go, what was your main inspiration for the song, and what did you want to bring to your listeners?

Life Experience and Positive Energy just go out there and allow yourself to have a great time with friends, family, coworkers, pets, and people you just met. Overall, enjoy yourself, smile; laugh, dance, and try new things. Fall in love, start a family or stay single until you're ready. Around this time, I was in a dark place, but one thing I knew not to do was give up. Your happiness is very important, and everyone should take the time to fully understand how to obtain that and build a support system around it.

As a growing EDM and Dance artist, do you feel you'll ever branch out and try a non-identical genre?

Music is my passion. I love all styles of genres. I love being versatile and being able to connect with people and relate. I'm definitely looking forward to collaborating with different artists, producers, and engineers. It would be an honor.

What's next for you?

We have the King Chronos merchandise releasing very soon. You can find it at, And we definitely have more new music on the way. Also, if you haven't yet checked out my collaboration with NYM(New York Minute), you can find it on all streaming platforms.


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