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King Solomon Kills It In New Single “I Need That”

King Solomon was born and raised on the south side of Brooklyn, New York who founded a deep connection for music at a very young age. In the Spring of 2012, both King Solomon and long-time friend and Producer Tariq Allen began to create catchy beats whilst recording at their school. Later, he fully transitioned himself into the artist he is now. After his departure from Brooklyn, Solomon migrated to Miami where his music career was sadly put on a quick hiatus, leaving behind a lot of unfinished business. By the Summer of 2015, he stumbled upon the local music scene in South Florida, putting his passion back into overdrive. After years of hard work and reconnecting with Tariq Allen, King Soloman was reborn.

The rebirth of an artist is always fascinating. It’s like they grasped a new understanding of who they are, and has lit a fire in themselves they have never seen before. For me, this shows in the passion of their music because it resonates a lot more stronger to its listener. So when King Solomon stated he went through the rebirth of his artistry, I just knew it was over!

The moment I heard his latest release “I Need That” I quickly realized that an artist delivers more when they’re extremely hungry for success. King Solomon shows his grind in “I Need That” with an aggressive approach and delivery. The velocity in each verse sends electric chills to its listener. King Solomon completely eats up the entire song with a limitless mindset and a raw lyrical arrangement. I need that had a slapping bass that will project well across the lovers of trap rap. Despite the hard-hitting beat, King Solomon proves to also be a lyricist, indulging his listener into his world of story-telling and songwriting. “I Need That” had all the right elements to translate well across a diverse hip-hop crowd, representing the culture of rap to a new extent.

Listen to "I Need That" here.

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