KingBrix Perfectly Shapes His Music to Bring Something New to the Table

KingBrix is one of those artists that’s been a long time coming. Being the solo project of Rodney James, and having done all of the production and recording himself, KingBrix is able to perfectly sculpt his music to a vivid, colorful masterpiece that carries little flairs of a whole range of genres. This becomes especially true with his release “Anything”, KingBrix opts to fuse in the modern with the ’80s if that were to make sense, imagine taking classic 808 drums but playing them in the '80s with some ethereal textures and synths, that’s his release “Anything” and it is one smooth ride that we cannot get enough of. KingBrix’s vocal style of being a cross between grunge rock and modern pop makes for a very engaging experience in all of his music. KingBrix also just happens to be down to heart person who is all about helping others, if someone was a part of his life and helped him grow as an artist then he’ll do the same for them, this trait of character makes its way to his music through the form of constantly pushing through all of the challenges being thrown at him by rising above by remembering that life experiences overpower a piece of music that he wrote. We can’t wait to hear what will be coming next from KingBrix.

Listen to "Anything" here.