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KingCyborg Haunts Us With a Powerful Single, "Love Never Dies"

From Luanda Island to San Francisco, the alternative artist, producer, and singer-songwriter KingCyborg soulfully reminds us that "Love Never Dies," with her latest chilling single.

Known around Luanda Island as 'the girl who's got the moves,' it wasn't long before KingCyborg's music career hit the ground running. Merging sounds like kizomba, semba, rebita, rock, blues, and jazz, KingCyborg took her unique sounds to San Francisco while making tidal waves in our industry ever since. KingCyborg performs shadow work through her music, an outlet for dealing with her traumas, a form of protest; a personal healing journey.

Helping listeners embrace their good and bad sides through her latest single, "Love Never Dies," KingCyborg pushes her way through the song like a light in a dark tunnel, climbing her way to fresh air once again. While her astounding vocal abilities serenade us with deep, power and strength, KingCyborg's surrounding instrumentals push a rich electro-pop landscape to keep us locked in and engaged.

Without further ado, "Love Never Dies" begins with reverbed piano melodies and KingCyborg's breathy vocals, singing from her chest and sweetening the atmosphere with her low and ominous tones. Once the blistering beat drops with crashing kicks, electrifying synth arrangements, and haunting effects, KingCyborg switches up her vocal delivery with a charming falsetto that offers an overwhelming empowering feel.

We're incredibly surprised by the depth and dynamic range within this song, as KingCyborg floats through the second verse alongside her tender piano while meeting up with the scorching beat drop again at the hook. Listening to her lyricism, she steadily reminds us that love never dies in the hands of the bold.

Fall head over heels for KingCyborg's latest single, "Love Never Dies," and allow the empowering singer-songwriter to haunt your days with her magnetic vocals and captivating sonics.

We can't get enough of the intense feel and haunting vibe of your latest single, "Love Never Dies." What inspired you to create such a passionate and powerful song?

Thank you. This song doesn't just mirror the latest events that have been brought upon us in these past years. It reflects life in general. This song It's a form of protest; it's about loss, grief, and release. We hold so much inside that needs to be dealt with and needs to be released to heal. Although we all come from different backgrounds, we share similar traumas that resonate on a deep level. No matter where you are from, we all live in a toxic society where sometimes the seed is planted by our parents, families making it more challenging to deal with such traumas. We are presented with two choices; to either continue living in this limbo or face our demons. The purpose of this song is to remind people that Love conquers all; no matter what situation life throws our way, Love will never cease to exist. Love is an energy that runs through our veins. Is powerful, loud in so many ways. A melancholic but powerful song.

Did you produce the sonics within "Love Never Dies?” What inspired the dynamic sonic arrangement and powerful beat drops?

This beat was produced by Epilepsy. When I first heard these instrumentals, "Love Never Dies" came flowing so naturally in, it only took me 4 or 5 seconds of listening to the beginning of the beat to birth this song. It sparked many emotions that were not even mined, and it all compiled into this moody, powerful song. That is how my brain works. I don't have to listen to a beat entirely for a new song to be born. I find myself just going along with it while the moment is playing. It's exciting to be caught off guard and not know what will come next when I'm creating. It happens automatically. I can't really put into words or detail how the magic works.

Does your lyricism usually touch on rather passionate and empowering themes, similar to your words in "Love Never Dies?”

Yes. Indeed. Most of my art is very gloomy and sad. It does not mean that I'm not happy. That is just my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings. Uplifting songs never really caught my attention. I was always drawn into the dark, sad-moody melancholic songs. There is where my happiness is at. It's where I can combine all the emotions, mold it until it reaches its majestic form. I bring my many alter egos and different aesthetics to my art, and in every song, I create I'm in connection with my ancestors and the cybernetic world. The trip is never the same.

What do you strive to represent as an artist, and how does your music reflect what you stand for?

My art examines good and evil through a series of spare, cryptic parables through Shadow Work, where I practice healing and Self-growth, which requires one to surrender and accept instead of attacking everything you don't want to feel, or address. It requires that you deep dive into your traumas and pain. I'm a big advocate of Love and that there is no light without darkness. We possess both, and both go along like ying-yang. People always want to categorize and pin others down and tell them who they are. The way I flip the coin is by being myself and watch the reaction. And music is the vehicle I use to deal with dualities, either seriously or playfully. It's an endless experience and discovery. I always felt partial cybernetic with both organic-dimensional spiritual and biomechatronic. I'm constantly tapping into the mystic and cybernetic world. I'm always trying to evolve into something that I actually cannot be. It's always present in my art. My music represents a certain degree of neutrality. I don't fit in a particular category; I'm a part of all (sometimes). My art is my diary, it's sacred and intimate, it's my temple, a profound letter to my self and others, and it documents the journey of self-discovery, self-love, and finding peace amongst all of the chaos in the world," and I wish to share it with others. I hope that more people tune into their inner Selves and embrace every wave they encounter. I hope that my art encourages, helps others who are also battling with their traumas to heal through my melodies. We are all going through something, and sometimes we cannot express ourselves, so we need someone else to speak or sing those emotions for us. I feel like I'm at service for others as well.

What's next for you?

KingCyborg has so much more in store. I'll be releasing more music and continue to challenge and expand my art. I feel like now I'm more hands-on-deck like never before. I have this avalanche of new songs coming in every day. It can be problematic for my mental health sometimes because my brain is always in GO mode. Operating non-stop is an out-of-body experience. You will definitely hear more from me. Stick with me. Although things are still uncertain because of the pandemic, I plan to perform in different venues, go on tours, and collaborate with other musicians.



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