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Kingsley Has Our Heart Throbbing With New Release "You"

We present to you an artist that brings us all the energy we didn't know we were missing: Kingsley. Kingsley’s EP released this past June, and paved the way for her breakthrough in the pop genre—yet, this artist's new music presents how divergent her music can be. Staying true to herself throughout the curation of her music, Kingsley provides a sense of intimacy when she reveals her personal experiences with us as we venture through the vocals of her tracks. Kingsley’s robust energy is undeniable in “You”—a song that perfectly blends together electric and pop harmonies. Immediately upon listening to “You” we are put into a vibrant and vivid ambience. Kingsley puts an energetic twist on heartbreak, presented in the chorus when she sings “Tell me why I still ache for you…” and “Tell me why I haven’t given up on you”. Throughout the song it becomes obvious that Kingsley brings wisdom to the table from her past struggles, and that raw experience allows fans to really synchronize with her lyrics. “You” definitely clears a path for Kingsley as she enters 2019, and we’re kept on our toes with what she might give us next. We’re definitely keeping an eye on this artist—her music gives us the life we so desperately needed these past few days.


Be sure to add Kingsley's "You" to your Spotify playlist, and don't miss out on this artist's exclusive interview below!

Hello! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Kinglsey on the M.I.C. getting ready to rock ya body! I've actually always wanted to do that on stage - one day! I'm Kingsley, an indie pop singer! 

Did “You” come out the way it was initially envisioned?

The song You has been this seed that has grown into an amazing tree, legit cannot handle how amazing it the entire process has been. I wrote this song on the guitar and recorded it on my iPhone and sent it to my good friend Jack Kennedy of Zarr Studios - the original idea was to make this song a ballad - nice and slow and super sad. Which is how I play it when I do stripped down sets. We get into the studio to start tracking a demo and we are just flying back and forth with ideas when I say the melody you hear in the breakdown after the chorus hits. Well, Jack hit the ground running with the idea. Once the original was out it was the crowd favorite to play! Fastward to when I started doing the remix project with my friend, Yoswayy. He was obsessed with adding all types of drums and guitar licks to make this song every more dancy. I out my pride and control freak down and let Yoswayy be as creative and liberal with this song - the produce of You (remix) is because of him. And I am beyond thankful and grateful to have amazingly talented people in my life.

Where were your influences drawn from in order to create “You”?

HAHAH! A STUPID ASS FUCK BOY! I was going to call the song his name but I didn't wanna single him out like that, cause my mama taught me better than that. What kind of music can we expect from you this year? I am releasing an acoustic album in the spring, 4 new pop singles in the summer and some fun music videos in the fall! I am continuing my project Twelve Months of Kingsley - where I release new content on the 23rd of each month! So stay tune, 2019 is going to be a hell of a year. 

How did you know that a career in singing was the one for you?

In 3rd grade I won a talent show singing Fallin' by Alicia Keys - I remember practicing in my room with a broomstick as a microphone. I have always wanted to be on the stage singing and making people laugh and cry - it is so cliche to say that it feels like home, but legit nothing else makes sense. I just quit my day job as Head of Marketing for the biggest indie booking agency to do music full time because I have been so miserable giving my time and attention to anything but Kingsley. 

What piece of musical advice would you give to yourself 5 years from now?

Don't give up on this dream - ever. This is what you were put on Earth to do, and when no one else believes in you remember that I do. 


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