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Kipani Strikes Back With Her Playful and Highly Relatable Single, "Enlighten Me"

Coming from Upstate NY, the Alternative-Pop Artist and Singer/Songwriter Kipani releases her stimulating single, "Enlighten Me." Being a female artist in a male-dominated industry has taken its toll on creative women everywhere. Kipani isn't the first to speak up on the indifferences and unreciprocated respect.

Her latest single "Enlighten Me" discusses this situation in a playful, sarcastic, and empowering manner. Kipani goes into depth regarding someone who's continually hovering over to offer their input when it isn't necessarily needed or wanted. Made for anyone who's felt inferior, Kipani blasts through this exhilarating single with stimulating instrumentals that naturally empower any listener.

"Enlighten Me" opens with vast energy through invigorating piano melodies, upbeat drum patterns, and Kipani's inviting vocal performance. As she begins to describe a salty situation where she's made to feel uneducated towards her craft, Kipani puts a smile on our face with blunt lyrics like "-enlighten me, cause apparently, I don't know anything, how will I go on?"

The instrumentals grow to provide this blistering Alt-Rock atmosphere through added and layered electric guitar, completely transcending the listener into this highly energetic space. At the hook, Kipani's vocals are incredibly powerful and exude boundless life within her conceptual lyrics, returning the favor to close-minded creators who stick their nose into other artist's business.

Delivering a track that strikes back to anyone who's made her feel this unnecessary inferiority, Kipani's scorching single "Enlighten Me" allows for any listener to get lost in the song's energy and relatable message. We need more lyrical content like this nowadays, to actively help and further enforce equality within the music industry.

We truly can't get enough of your lively and energetic single, "Enlighten Me." Could you 'enlighten' us towards the song's inspiration, and the moment you realized that you needed to create a piece that speaks on the belittling of women creatives?

Thank you, I'm so glad that you like my new single! This song was written after a discouraging point in my career where I was constantly faced with people trying to tell me what I should or should not be doing and it was super frustrating. Being an independent female artist in this very male-dominated industry can be tough sometimes. There is always someone ready to offer their input whether it is wanted or not. Women have these stigmas attached to them and "Enlighten Me" is an empowering, sarcastic, expression meant to lift up anyone who has ever been made to feel inferior. It is fun, upbeat, and delicately walks the line of breaking that glass ceiling we have all become so familiar with. And, I think it is an important message, especially now. 

Regarding the fiery instrumentals within your single "Enlighten Me," what was it like working with Dave Rice and Tiffany Jhingoor when creating your instrumentals to help reflect your lyrical theme?

Actually, my given name is Tiffany Jhingoor, I just use my real name to credit myself on my tracks because I am still very proud that I manage to write and compose all of my own music. But to answer your question, working with Dave Rice is great! We have worked together for a couple of years now ( he's actually the bass player in my band haha) and he always respects my vision. I usually come to him with the basic skeleton of my songs, vocals/piano composition, and he helps me bring it to life while always maintaining the "Kipani sound" we strive for. If you're reading this Dave, thank you for always looking out and keeping my best interest in mind!

Seeing as your single "Enlighten Me" was co-created, mixed, and mastered by a man, did you get any initial reaction from him that helped depict how the public would receive the song?

He was actually really excited about this song and thought that it was something the public needed to hear. In fact, we had originally planned to save this for the album but by the time we were done making this, it became such a powerful anthem that we both agreed it really needed to be a stand-alone single. Not only a single, but also my first music video, which I am so beyond excited about!

You've mentioned that you tend to bask in the Alternative genre while giving your tracks a Pop edge. That being said, "Enlighten Me" provides lively Alt-Rock instrumentals. Would you say that your overall sound is relatively experimental within the Alternative/Indie realm?

Absolutely! I always find it hard to really pinpoint which genre I fall under because I'm constantly experimenting with sound. My writing usually reflects how I'm feeling at a given time so it tends to be a little all over the place. I never focus on fitting into genres, but rather just conveying expression. So, although I classify myself as an "indie pop" artist I honestly don't really know where I truly fall under. 

What can we expect to hear next from you, Kipani?

Well if you live in the NY/ PA area you can look for me and my band as we plan to try and play as many live shows as we safely can. And, I am currently in the process of recording my first full-length album. I am very excited about it, and you can look for it this spring!



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