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Kira Stuns Us With Her Eclectic Atmospheric Tune “Retrograde"

Kira is a 20 year old singer-songwriter that is making a huge splash in the California music community. Kira is a diverse musician, and ultimately expresses her talent through the curation of her music. Kira has studied music intensively, and felt it make an impact in her life enormously, and so (thankfully) she began writing and producing her own music in order to release it into the world. While listening to her music, we get heavy elements from some of our favorite artists such as the type of environment that Lana Del Rey creates, and the beats that you would expect to find in a new hot Billie Eilish song. We get all of the aspects we love, with the originality of Kira and her contributions to her authentic style.


Kira releases her most recent single “Retrograde” and it sounds exactly what it would seem to sound like if you were in retrograde yourself. We’re obsessing over the underlying beat and mix of varying synths to create the ambient and eclectic atmosphere that she portrays. Putting the catchy and unique beat aside, Kira adds in her own twist on sultry and hypnotic vocals, curating an overall mix of sound we can’t say we’ve heard a lot of lately. You can’t really tell that “Retrograde” is Kira’s first self-produced song—it flows with expertise and is supported heavily through her execution of lyricism and production of beats.

“Retrograde" is the kind of song you want to be listening to when you’re relaxing beachside, with no worries and completely zen. The vibe is eccentric, yet soothing, and thats a combination we didn’t expect to blend so well together. Kira sings about retrograde within her song (ironic), and touches on heavy past experiences, such as relationships, the struggle of past ones, and essentially creating some shade to the ones that have wronged her. Through this, Kira ultimately complements her voice with her own production of beats, and all we have to say is that we love an artist who can do it all. Kira is hell of a talented musician, and we’re keeping our eyes on this one, because we already know she’s about to blow up, it’s just a matter of when. 

Check out Kira’s single here and continue reading for her exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!

Hello Kira! Please tell our readers a fun fact about yourself as an artist!

I get more nervous singing in front of one person than an actual crowd of people.

We listened to your song “Retrograde” and love the atmosphere it produces. What kind of vibe were you trying to reach when curating this song?

I was trying to go for a lo-fi hip hop feel. I have been really into that genre of music more recently.

What was your favorite part about the process of creating “Retrograde”? Do you prefer to curate lyrics over beats, or vice versa?

For me, my favorite part was producing the instrumental and hearing it come together with the lyrics. I do prefer to make lyrics over the beats because I find it easier that way.

Who are your top three musical influences today? Personal influences?

My top three musical influences are Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, and Joji. My personal influences are probably my dad because he is always suggesting music for me to cover and to heighten my musicality.

Are you planning on releasing anymore new music in the upcoming year?

Yes, I plan to record an EP hopefully, and maybe sign to an independent label (in the process).


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