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Kirill Goes To “Hollywood”

Kirill’s life journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. He was born in Russia and spent his formative years in Tel Aviv, Israel. However, due to the country's violent nature, Kirill and his family had to move to Canada, where they found their new home in Québec. Growing up in different cultures and languages taught Kirill the importance of adaptability and paved the way for his musical journey.

After visiting Los Angeles in 2018, Kirill was convinced that music was his purpose and decided to dedicate all his energy to it. His music reflects his diverse background, mixing English, French, and Russian to unite people worldwide. His latest single, "Hollywood," perfectly represents his mission. Mixing English and Russian in the lyrics, Kirill hopes to showcase that Russians and Americans are not that different and can be united through music.

The " Hollywood " opening bars set the tone for the entire song. Kirill's unique rapping style is captivating, and the lyrics are intriguing. He starts by declaring his identity and then digs at those who try to imitate him. He asserts that his vision cannot be bought and that anyone who wants to be a part of it has to earn it. The line, "God the father that's my twin grinding like I didn't win," is an excellent example of Kirill's talent for wordplay.

Kirill's music video for "Hollywood" takes viewers on a visual journey through California's most iconic locations. From the sandy beaches of Southern California to the Hollywood Hills, the wavy camera work adds a unique and artistic touch to the video, taking viewers on a visual rollercoaster ride.

As Kirill raps, blunt in hand, the camera captures Cali's vibrant colours and energy, from the sandy shores to the palm trees lined street. The scenes in the Hollywood Hills are particularly captivating, with sweeping views of the city below and Kirill rapping in front of his car as it goes down.

Throughout the video, Kirill exudes an infectious energy that perfectly matches the upbeat tempo of the music. The video's stunning visuals complement the catchy lyrics and Kirill's dynamic performance. Together, they create a truly unforgettable experience that captures the essence of California's summer vibes and Kirill's unique style.

"Hollywood" is a visually stunning and musically impressive work of art. The video's scenes of California's iconic locations, combined with Kirill's lively performance and catchy lyrics, perfectly represent Kirill's music and message. The video is a must-see for anyone looking for a fresh take on hip-hop and a taste of California's laid-back lifestyle.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kirill. Blunts up to another banger in the bag with "Hollywood," which has a distinct sound incorporating elements of hip-hop, trap, and pop. Can you tell us about your musical influences and how they shape your creative process?

I LOVE Hip-Hop music! My influences go from Wu-Tang & Mobb Deep to Lil Wayne & Future. At the time I was making “Hollywood,” I was listening to Russian artist “FACE,” and his music inspired me to try doing something in my mother tongue. Living in Canada then, I wasn’t making much content in Russian, so it became my mission to create something valuable in my first language. I’m letting the universe guide me in creation, and as I was already set to go back to LA, “Hollywood” took form naturally.

The music video for "Hollywood" takes viewers on a visual journey through California's most iconic vibes. What inspired you to feature these locations in your video, and how did you choose them?

We filmed the video at Griffith Park and El Matador beach in Malibu. I fell in love with Malibu at first sight, and I wanted to bring that feeling to the audience with that video. I’m a sunset fiend, so having it over the ocean was imperative! I’m also a big Baywatch fan, so filming in Malibu made me feel like Mitch!

Your music is known for blending multiple languages and cultures, including English, French, and Russian. How do you see your unique style and message resonating with audiences worldwide?

I feel like different languages and cultures can keep people apart. We often think that those “different” from us are dangerous. I have lived in four countries (Russia, Israel, Canada & USA) and from my experience, people from all over are the same. Yes, there are cultural differences, but bottom line is that people want to love and be loved. By combining antagonistic languages and cultures in my music (ex., English (American) & Russian), I want to showcase that even though the world tries to portray us as enemies, we are more alike than different. I like to say I speak only one language, the truth.

The lyrics of "Hollywood" touch on themes of a raw lifestyle in a world that never changes. Can you speak to the role of personal experiences and struggles in your life and music?

It’s a recurring theme in my music. As I’ve lived in different countries with different cultures, I always felt like an outsider everywhere I went. To me, the creation helps me process everything I’m going through. I’ve been an immigrant everywhere I went, and my home country is at war, but I’m not the only one in that situation. I try to motivate everyone around the world who feels like a refugee because even though we feel different and our challenges may not be understood by our peers, we can always overcome our difficulties and prosper. It’s all about resilience.

What are your long-term career goals and aspirations as an artist who has already accomplished so much?

I don’t overthink it. I create whatever feels right in my heart and go wherever the universe sends me.


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