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Kiss the Dark Days Goodbye in "Summer's Gone"

Melissa Mills has a knack for serenading her audience with sweet harmonies and powerhouse vocals. The Boston-based musician creates a vocal landscape that has you sinking deeply into a groove, as her tactful melodies and gentle harmonic approach amalgamate R&B Pop beats in order to fashion a comfortable flow of ease and beauty into the music she creates.

The ethereal soundscape of her latest single, "Summer's Gone," has us elegantly dwindling in the reverberated timbres that Melissa Mills amiably provides to her listeners.

As you catch your bearings while taking in the profound hypnotic trance that "Summer's Gone" washes over you with, you find yourself focused on the ardent core of Melissa Mills infiltrating the speakers while the pulsing thunder of the bass line in the instrumentation transitions a melismatic flow and to have it authoritatively demanding your attention. Melissa Mills emits an elusive seduction as she traces over each intimately featured word in the lyrical structure of this single. The lyrical motif that sums up the true essence of "Summer's Gone" is, 'I'm coming into my own again;" six words that pursue a powerful utopia ventured on the journey Melissa Mills faces after encountering a broken heart.

Sending us into a reflective state, the thesis that surfaces through the emotional experience relayed is not meant to focus on the adverse tenors but instead to remind us that through the rough days, we're all okay in the end. Absorb yourself in the striking ballad "Summer's Gone" that Melissa Mills confidently provides while you passionately feel every ounce of emotion run through your body.

Congratulations on the release of “Summer’s Gone.” The emotional journey that this song emits is remarkable. What was your inspiration behind the lyrical content heard in “Summer’s Gone?"

The lyrics "I'm coming into my own again" were written in response to the journey of finding myself after a breakup. Summer's Gone reflects on tough days by reminding ourselves that ultimately we are ok. I was inspired by the dark days of not wanting to get out of bed juxtaposed with days I felt free. Realizing that freedom was ultimately where I want to be.

How would you describe your recording and writing style? Do you find your process to be a one size fits all type of process?

My writing style tends to stem from a stream of consciousness. I like to hit record and just flow with the music. My friends/producers Scott and Joe create awesome beats with me in mind, and when I receive them I like to think of a general topic and just start singing. Summer’s Gone was written this way and most of the melody is from the original stream of consciousness run.

What was it like working with Scott Bowers, and Joe Eldracher in order to achieve the musical portion of this single? How long did it take for the tantalizing sound of “Summer’s Gone” to be created?

Scott and Joe are absolutely incredible to work with. Scott has produced my other singles, and I’ve been extremely lucky to have met him through hashtags on Instagram. Joe and Scott have been friends for years, so coming together with them has made all the difference for my music. Both play an array of instruments and have been honing their production skills. Summer’s Gone went through 8 mixes and I was a bit pickier with this one than a lot of my other songs. There was a specific feeling I wanted the harmonies to give, and I really feel we achieved what I was going for.

How would you say that the depth conveyed on this single compares to your messaging relayed in other songs featured throughout your music catalog? How important is it for you to be vulnerable in your music?

Summer’s Gone is the most honest I’ve been in one of my songs. In years past I had a lot of self-doubt about my lyrics and what I wanted to say. While my previous single, Lose My Cool, begins to explore the unhealthy relationship I often have with myself, Summer’s Gone takes things a step further and really checks in with what I’m feeling. Writing about not wanting to get out of bed, shirking responsibilities, wanting to be alone, really began to open up myself to say more. In my coming singles, my vulnerability shines through even deeper. I find that it’s important to find relatability while still staying true to myself.

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