Kisspanic Debuts “I Care For You Too”

Kisspanic is the unique modern rock trio from Los Angeles CA, which in times of division, intends to unite the Latin and North-American people through their art with content. Their lyrics touch fiber and their music go from catchy rock riffs, to Latin folklore melodies, to orchestral arrangements and synthesizers, which all together blends in a unified work of authorship. The band is formed by Rudi Meibergen (author, writer, arranger, guitars and vocals), Thomas Rojo (Bass) and Fer Fuentes (Drums). They have been releasing their new album song by song in digital platforms in the hands of triple platinum producer producer Darryl Swann in Clear Lake, North Hollywood and performing in several shows between Los Angeles and México City. They released their single “I Care For You Too” and we can indeed confirm that Kisspanic may be familiar with the term “Hitmaking”.

"I Care For You Too" begins with a soulful, slightly bluesy, guitar strings before Rudi’s vocals smoothly sails in and his canorous resonance serenades us with a “boyband” type of style to it. I say “boyband” type of style due to the strong harmony he was able to project with not only the surface vocals but the ad-libs as well. That requires significant amount of talent. However, Rudi didn’t do this all on his own, if it wasn’t for Thomas riveting bass supporting the song and in actuality, fabricating the mood and tone for “I Care For You Too”, we couldn’t be able to enjoy it to the fullest extent. Lastly, Fer Fuentes drives this song full fledged forward with his badass and incredibly talented drumming skills. I love how the lyrics are trendy and can also have you in reflection of a significant other but not in a depressing and dwellsome manner, but in a more upbeat and fast-paced tempo jam!

Listen to "I Care For You Too" here and get to know Kisspanic in our interview below!

Hi there, care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hello Buzzmusic friends and followers! Our name is Kisspanic and we are a modern rock trio from Los Angeles California, our lyrics have content and our music it’s a hybrid that goes from powerful rock riffs and folk melodies, to synths and orchestral arrangements.

Why did you guys decide to call yourselves “Kisspanic”?

For two reasons, because we wanted people to know that we are proud of our Hispanic heritage, and because the feeling of a kiss is one of the most beautiful feelings that someone could experience versus panic which is the other side of the coin. We think this counterpoint is a good metaphor to represent the balance of our music.

Do all of you share the similar taste in music? Who are some of your musical influences and why?

No, we actually have pretty different tastes, but that makes it more interesting! We all still can enjoy any type of music, is not that much about the genre but about the song. Some of the musical influences for this particular project had been Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Muse, Tame Impala, Queen, Foo Fighters, Bersuit, Los Tres, Justice, Daft Punk and Los Prisioneros among others. The reason is just because we like their music.

How challenging is it working in a band? How do you guys overcome those challenges

Every band has their own system, for us it’s pretty straight forward. Rudi writes the songs and the arrangements, then we all get together and try the different ideas in our studio were the magic starts. It’s pretty fluid and everyone enjoy their part of the process very much.

In your artist opinion, how would you interpret the meaning behind “I Care For You Too” ?

It’s a sarcastic reflection about our modern consumerism. That’s why we decided it would make sense to release it by Christmas.

Anyone special in mind while writing “I Care For You Too” ?

It’s the story of a character that talks to consumerism as if it’s a person, so nobody particular in mind excepting for most of us.

What’s next for you in 2019? Any upcoming performances/releases?

Yes! We will keep releasing our whole LP through digital platforms song by song and in our social media, which you can find at We’ll also release our 3rd music video soon. On the other hand, we have a tour planed to México, Texas, California, Florida and NYC for this upcoming year, so a lot of surprises! We will keep you posted and we are looking forward to be able to share our art with more and more people. Thank you so much for taking the time to support indie artists, you’re the ones who keep music alive!




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