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KiTTN Proves to Listeners That She "Can't Let Go"

Chicago-born artist Katherine Leander, better known as KiTTN, currently resides in New York City and is building her artistic portfolio with determination.

Always finding peace within music and poetry, KiTTN has a long history of being influenced by a variety of genres, which ultimately works to keep her sound as versatile as possible. In 2020, KiTTN took part in The Takeover Festival, an online music conference designed to showcase independent musicians and their varied talents. Today, KiTTN continues to build herself artistically, and does so with the release of her single, "Can't Let Go."

"Can't Let Go" opens with an electrifying beat that perfectly intertwines with the confident and progressive vocals of KiTTN. Once you begin listening to "Can't Let Go", you may realize that KiTTN is the type of artist that's deliberate with her thoughts, saying all she does with real intention. "Can't Let Go" delivers many themes, such as those of attraction and lust, which spark a feel-good environment. The fast-paced rhythm pairs well with the natural excitement in KiTTN's vocal tone, and her skilled wordplay/arrangement is why "Can't Let Go" came out as well as it did.

The focus of "Can't Let Go" is on a particular individual that has garnered KiTTN's attention, and how quickly attention translates to attraction. KiTTN takes the time to go into detail on all she wants to do for this person of interest, but, nevertheless, she takes listeners on a journey with shocking surprises throughout the storyline, and soon listeners will realize some realities about her affections.

All in all, "Can't Let Go" proved that KiTTN had a story to tell in style. We're excited for what rhythmic expressions KiTTN will unleash next and we're anticipating some serious fire for her next creative offering.

Hello KiTTN and welcome to BuzzMusic. "Can't Let Go" was your recent music release, and it featured many engaging elements regarding the storyline. Can you explain more about the narrative of your single, and what you were hoping your listeners took away upon listening?

I wanted to keep the narrative light-hearted, flirty, and playful. Can’t Let Go is a perfect summer-crush song. It’s not about finding your soulmate and falling in love but more so living in the moment and having fun right now.

How do your musical influences get portrayed in the very music you create, especially in "Can't Let Go?"

Lately, I have been listening to a lot of 90s R&B. In fact, I think when I wrote this song, I was listening to a Mary J. Blige and an Aaliyah playlist. I feel like both of those artists always had really catchy hooks in their songs, so I wanted to illustrate a similar vibe in my song.

Are you comfortable being vulnerable in your lyrical expressions as an artist? How do you feel your vulnerability was shown in "Can't Let Go?"

I grow more and more comfortable expressing my lyrical vulnerability with each new song. Wordplay, subtle sarcasm, and the use of single and double entendres are my sweet spot. I live for the moments when listeners can identify a phrase and have a chuckle about it. For example, the second verse:

Out of 10 I score 11

Stranger Things are bound to happen

You’ll be my main attraction

Coming soon with no distraction

No matter where I am or what I am doing, there are songs everywhere (sorry, don’t mean to sound like the priest in that movie Fools Rush In where he tells Matthew Perry’s character that “there are signs everywhere”, but it is true).

As an artist who has a particular inclination towards poetry, how do you feel being poetic has helped with the articulation of your music?

Oh, I definitely feel that having a background in writing poetry and stories helps me articulate my lyrics and keeps my listeners engaged through the entire song. I want my song to take you on a journey in a similar way that poems do while keeping it short, sweet, and fun.


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