Klara Nazzal Puts Her Heart On Display In “Bleed”

Unique and fiery new single “Bleed” puts Klara Nazzal on the map in a big way. Her sultry voice and powerful lyricism combine forces to create a spectacular sound. “Bleed” takes the listener on a raw and vulnerable journey through Klara’s thoughts and feelings. She is able to translate her mind into emotive poetry and deliver it in the most passionate way. I can’t get enough of the subtle twang and flare to the instrumentals. Also giving the track a Latin vibe, heavy drumming and piercing guitar riffs flow freely. A singer with vocal chords beyond her years, Klara delivers hard hitting energy and powerful tones. “Bleed” is a powerhouse anthem that demands to be heard.

Klara Nazzal is a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Self-taught and self-made, Klara taught herself to play the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and piano. She had some help from her mother, who is also a musician. Klara uses music as a platform to express herself in ways she can’t describe by simply speaking. Klara Nazzal’s main goal is to empathize with her fans and forge deeper connections through her music. Stay on the lookout for this undeniably talented artist!

Check out "Bleed" and read more in our exclusive interview with Klara below!

Hi Klara! Can you talk more about your upbringing into music? How old were you when you started singing?

I grew up surrounded by music because of my mother and her side of the family. Throughout my whole life, music has been my number one passion and the one true emotive connection to getting to know myself as I continue to grow.

I first started singing when I was seven years old. The first concert I performed was in Poland, and I was seven years old. I was performing with a Jazz band for the first time. After that, I just knew that music was truly in my soul and heart.

I’ve been playing electric and acoustic guitar since I was ten years old, as well as a bit of piano. I am a self-taught guitarist by ear, and I learned piano by ear as well. Those are the two instruments I mainly use to compose all my music.

Let’s talk about your track “Bleed”! What inspired it?

Bleed (like all of the songs I have written and composed since I was thirteen years old) is a wild rollercoaster of emotions towards a person and even towards myself. I don’t like to be too specific when it comes to the meaning(s) of my songs, mainly because I want my listeners and fans to experience and perceive the lyrics and vibe with their own emotions, mental journeys and personal feelings/experiences. 

Usually, the songs I compose tend to be more on the slow and mellow side, but with Bleed being my first single, I decided to create something that could be appealing to media, radio and other groups of audiences.

What’s your favorite lyric in “Bleed”? Why?

“Bleed on your soul, bleed as a whole, collect the droplets as you’re holding me.”

This specific line means so much to me because it is a metaphor that speaks loudly about the way I loved someone, and the way I loved myself. Whenever I go back to it, it just reminds me of how much I’ve grown, as well as how much strength has built up inside me after constantly being dependent on others instead of myself for my own happiness.

What musical influences do you have in your life? How do they help shape you?

As a child, I grew up with music all around me because of my mother. She is a musician herself (violinist, pianist and guitarist). She is the amazing person who pushed me to learn guitar and piano by ear, and pushed me to write poetry and songs (nearly the same thing)! She has always been my biggest supporter towards my music, and has never held me back from any opportunities as an artist.

One more amazing influence I have is Lady Gaga. She is and always be my favorite artist in the world. Her diversity as an artist is insane; the fact that she can jump from genre to genre and still sound herself inspires me so much because that is how I am as an artist. I love most genres and I hate sticking to one genre of music. 

Not only is she an amazing artist, but she is an amazing human being as well. Human rights and equality is so important to me, and her support towards those concerns are so beautiful and admirable.

Has living in LA impacted your artistry? How so?

Living in LA has been a hell of a ride. Moving to LA was an extremely unexpected and fast decision that I didn’t really choose to do, ironically. I started off studying Fine Arts at SDSU in San Diego, then I transferred to the Art Institute of San Diego and changed my major to Audio Engineering. Two months into that program, the school shut down due to bankruptcy, and that is when I was forced to move to LA.

I am currently a student at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, and I honestly couldn’t be happier! Living a new and more hectic life in LA has impacted me drastically in positive ways, although the initial move was quite difficult since I was leaving friends and family. That initial sudden move triggered my songwriting and inspired me to write more songs.

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