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KOFIE DIAMONDS “NEVERLAND” Will Be Your New Favourite Addition To Your Chill Rap Playlist

Hailing from Chicago, KOFIE DIAMONDS is a producer, singer, and songwriter. Having been nominated for BUZZMUSIC's breakout of the year, it is no surprise that he made number 17 on their Spotify Global hits top 100 playlists in 2019. KOFIE DIAMONDS has the silky nonchalance of Daniel Caesar, the organic vocals of Dennis Lloyd, and the legendary class of Frank Ocean. “NEVERLAND” is the type of song that can play on repeat for hours without getting tired of it.

This track belongs in your favorite chill rap playlist, where it would fit seamlessly among the greats. The backtrack of “NEVERLAND” sets the scene for the rest of the song; you can easily picture yourself in a classy lounge soundtracked by a delicate serenade of a grand piano.

With the alluring piano melody, KOFIE DIAMONDS showcases his natural ear for organic instrumentations. He soon joins the graceful sonic atmosphere with his relaxing, rapping voice. KOFIE DIAMONDS voice is elegantly refined with his laid back attitude, and his ability to adjust his passion levels depending on the verse. Without becoming overbearing, the trap beat brings just the right amount of fire and soul into the mix.

To add to “NEVERLAND’s” magnetic auditory experience, KOFIE DIAMONDS will lure you in through his introspective songwriting. Often singing in metaphors, the rapper makes the listener turn inward to decipher the larger message behind his words.

By allowing his artistic creations to remain organic, KOFIE DIAMONDS is making a name for himself in the world of chill rap with his charismatic single “NEVERLAND.”

Considering that you generally use metaphors in your songwriting, could you elaborate on the message behind your lyrics for “NEVERLAND?”

NEVERLAND is a vocal reel of thoughts and emotions. It clearly depicts a reality that I had to live through for a long while, like If I were to meet you on the train somewhere in Chicago, NEVERLAND would be everything said at that moment before either you or I reach their stop. Even though I just met this gorgeous girl, I’m opening my heart, telling my story, encouraging her to follow her dreams, and offering her my emotional and intimate support before we no longer know each other. She’s already an angel, she already has wings, but it’s up to her to decide whether she wants me to fly with her or not.

What was your inspiration for “NEVERLAND?” Can you tell us a bit about the songwriting and production process?

I heard the beat (Prod. by the late and great J Dilla) and the tone of the piano just pierced my mind wide open, I immediately caught something. It was like reciting a story that was never written. The first take sounded so familiar to something that I would've heard before because of how accurate it was to how I think and feel. It was a perfect one-take narrative. Nothing was there that didn’t need to be. It would've taken me days to write what I had come up with in 14 minutes. I made myself vulnerable for three and a half of those minutes and that's really what you're listening to.

You certainly stand out to us when it comes to chill rap songs. Are there any specific artists that you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from myself, I believe I am the source of my artistry. I vocally follow my immediate thoughts and emotions.

How does “NEVERLAND” compare to the rest of your songs? Has your music style evolved since your debut as an artist?

In one of the lines after the hook I remember going “-and every blank canvas is the unbothered potential”, and that was when I realized the measure of authenticity the recording had provided to me in that space. This was one of the songs that not much effort was needed, but a lot of thought was put into, and I had to remind myself that I was the source of that entire narrative and it only made 100% sense to my life and what I was going through. Other people listen to it in awe or their demeanor changes before the song is over. If you can relate to the song, then you can relate to what goes through my head. If you can relate to my music, you relate to me as an artist and person. I feel like I’m in an open bracket in terms of my style when it comes to my music. I've never been one figure. I’ve never had one sound.

What has been keeping you inspired to create?

I feel like this year gave me more time to think and ponder on ideas that I could share with the world that people can actually resonate with. I love suggesting emotions to people that I actually feel through my music whether planned or unplanned. If you can feel what I'm saying, even if you don’t like me or agree with my art, or have never been through nearly half of what I’ve experienced, if you can still feel what I'm saying, you know where my heart is and if your heart is there too, then we are healing the same. And like I just mentioned not everyone will like or agree with it, though enough people do, nobody breaks the same and everyone heals differently. Coming to terms with that reality and finding the audacity to promote my ideas during the last few months is motivation in itself, to say I started something and the people like it.


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