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Koli Kohler Serenades Us With New Song “Breaks”

Koli Kohler brings us a sentimental breakdown of the curveballs life brings that sometimes “Breaks” us. Koli’s beautiful soft voice is paired with her talent to strum all the right notes on her acoustic guitar. The lyrics guide us through all of life’s stages and what can catch us off guard and pull us down. Whether it’s the baseball crashing through the living room window you hit as a kid, a sixteen year-olds heart from a young romance, or the engine of your first car; as Koli sings “Everything breaks, it’s all give and take.” “Breaks” is a song capable of calming the nerves, puts things into perspective and the notion that throughout life something is going to break- “we all break”, is digestible.

It’s clear to see Koli uses the skill of storytelling in her music- a skill that comes naturally to her. Koli is a descendant of the Hupa, Yurok and Karuk tribes of Northern California and of theatrical relatives on her Anglo-American side- a long line of story tellers. This young performer has graced the stage in Hawaii, open mics in England, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, France, throughout Australia, and several states across the great US mainland. Her kind and harmonious voice is now sung to special education students whom she has taught the last several years. “Breaks” is now available for streaming today!

Listen to "Breaks" here and get to know more about Koli Kohler below!

Hi Koli! Thank you for speaking to us. Can you start by telling the listeners the meaning behind your new song “Breaks”?

"Breaks" is important to me because it is all about how everything breaks and nothing is permanent. However, with time, support and love, we can get up and move on. I love metaphors and use lots of imagery in my songs. I liked the main connection between a bunch of random situations was the commonality that they all break. 

Growing up what kind of music did you listen do, was there a particular artist that really inspired you to start writing your own music?

I listened to a lot of 90s Country and grew up to Shania Twain, the Dixie Chicks and Rascal Flatts. Honestly, growing up with two musical parents, I saw them write songs and perform often. I think songwriting was passed on to me by them. However, Shania Twain, Tamara Podemski, Sara Bareilles and Colbie Caillat definitely inspired me to be a songwriter.

What kind of environment do you create for yourself when you’re writing a song?

I see songwriting as "song catching." I feel like I catch the songs and they will come to me at many different random times. For example, I wrote "Breaks" while walking my dog. I think I have learned to be ready to catch the song whenever it comes to me. Of course, I also try to build time into my teacher life for writing songs.

What do you love about performing in front of audiences?

I love when I play live and people connect to one specific song. I love hearing why the song resonates with them. It's awesome to see a song you love become important for a person you don't know! Playing live is the scariest part of writing original music but I love when the songs speak for themselves. 

What are you most looking forward to in the coming year?

I am taking a break from teaching and moving to Nashville! I am excited to write more, play more and focus on my music! Thanks for checking out my debut album!


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