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Konkreet Poncho Plays No Games When It Comes To “Profit”

Konkreet Poncho was born on March 25th and is up and coming artist out of Broward County Florida. He grew up in the mean streets of Lauderhill Florida and there are only two ways you can go, the right way and the wrong way. It was his love for basketball which kept Konkreet Poncho out of the streets. He always had a passion for music, he just never had the thought of doing it until 2012 when his little brother started a label called “Elevated Muzik Group Label”. He never got into the studio or recorded a song until 2017. Since then, Konkreet Poncho has been developing his craft and honing in on his skills at a fast pace.

Konkreet Poncho released his single titled “Profit” and this laid-back record was a smooth-sailing trap rap produced hit that could be added right in with our lyrically driven playlists. Konkreet Poncho rapid delivery was fire! His raw lyricism had truth and honesty behind it. Instead of rapping about things that don’t quite matter, he adds a substantial approach to “Profit”. Konkreet Poncho reminds me of the true underground of hip-hop. These rappers are usually bonafide and authentic, with a significant amount of passion and drive for success. Konkreet Poncho could easily appeal to a market of fans who comes from the same background story as him, while also being digestible enough to reach a mainstream audience. “Profit” is a mellow-down, cool record that still displays enough energy despite the lack of aggression. Konkreet Poncho is undeniably a talented rapper on his way to the top!

Listen to "Profit" here and get to know more about Konkreet Poncho below!

What’s up Konkreet Poncho! We love the name, it’s pretty unique. Is this a stage name? If so what was the inspiration or meaning behind it?

Thank you Yes that is my stage name. Well The Konkreet In my name comes from the clothing line “Konkreet Rose” That My brother Marv Clair And I Started up back in 2017 to inspire the youth from our neighborhood that they can make it out dispite being up against the impossible. The name poncho is jus a name I had growing up as a kid I guess it jus stuck with me

In what ways have growing up in Florida has shaped you into the artist you are today?

Good Question... I come from the struggle nothing ever came easy to me coming up I had to work extra hard to get anything so that drive has stuck with me in music my hard work will pay off one day

Tell us about your record “Profit”, how does this song represent you as an artist?

Profit is basically my coming out as an artist it’s the first song I’ve wrote like the first complete song verses hook everything it’s basically like my coming out party it’s represents me as an artist because everything I talk about in profit is relatable like these bars are real life it’s truth in my rhymes

What was the most challenging aspect in writing “Profit” ?

The Most Challenging this for profit was jus being able to get everything I wanted to say in the song basically everything else honestly came easy

What’s next for you Konkreet Poncho!?

Well what’s next for me is I’ll be shooting the video for profit soon so definitely be on the look out for that it’s definitely gonna be a movie. I also have a joint album coming this year wit my brother Marv Clair Titled “My Brother And Me” keep a look out for that it’s definitely going to be one for the books we definitely got some special in store I’ll have some new music coming early June some shows lined up also I’ll release dates when confirmed on my IG account And jus more blessings man as long as I got supporters all my fans ima keep giving you guys this good music till the casket drop


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