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Korfian Releases Frightening And Fascinating Single “Territorial"

Based in Athens, Greece, Spyros Psarras, known as Korfian, shows his listeners a side of music they aren’t necessarily exposed to often. Korfian is the definition of authentic and unique. This artist produces music that is way different from the content we’re used to hearing nowadays (emphasis on the way). Korfian took his pain as an artist and transformed it into the music he releases today—unforgettable, anomalous and straight up eerie. With heavy inspirations from Zola Jesus and Florence + The Machine, Korfian unravels his heartache and misfortune in the form of music, and we see exactly this in his latest releases.


Korfian’s latest release “Territorial” is a very interesting genre of music to say the least. Karfian begins the single with a haunting and mystical melody, and listeners are immediately confronted with his deep and truly unique vocals. I really felt this track pulse through my body as I was listening—ethereal and daunting synths underlying throughout the entire single, and Korfian belts out his lyricism for the entirety of the song. “Territorial” made me feel uneasy, and yet that discomfort the song gives to you is the entire point of the production. Korfian breaks barriers with his single because he’s stepping out of the comfort zone of most listeners, and exposing them to a side of music that isn’t heard enough. Korfian is, without a doubt, transforming the dramatic and gritty music category into his own authentic and unique take—that’s why “Territorial” will sound like nothing listeners have heard before. The uncommon sounds we hear throughout is what entices listeners in my opinion. When you’re listening to mainstream music it can be difficult to find an aspect of the song that sets it apart from the rest—but listeners will have no problem setting apart Korfian from other artists. I know I keep using the word unique repetitively to describe this artist, but there’s no other word that comes to mind! Korfian is as unique as it gets, and I can guarantee the BuzzMusic community that you have never heard a sound like Korfian’s before—and that is true artistry, setting your authentic self as far away from other artistic selves as possible. 

Listen to “Territorial” here and get to know more about Korfian below!

Hey Korfian! Tell our readers a little bit about yourself as an artist. 

As a graphic designer I'm into any visual art, from illustration to character design, from interior design to fashion design. As a huge fan of music, I decided to start creating my own sound in 2015. At the time I was going through a personal breakdown and felt the need to explore myself in depth. Since then, I'm all about this inner dialogue. I try to discover the roots of my fears, insecurities, heartache and all that dwells in the dark side of each human. At the same time trying to love myself for who I am, realizing my true needs and searching for answers to my personal questions. Hoping to connect with all the restless souls out there.

“Territorial” is unlike any song we’ve heard before—were you going for a completely unique aspect when curating your song?

There was no intention for something unique when creating 'Territorial'. My only goal here was to make this sound harsh, powerful with a heavy impact. Just like the way I felt when I was writing the lyrics for it. Reflecting my state at the time.

Did “Territorial” execute in the way you originally thought it was going to?

Territorial's overall feel came out exactly how I imagined it. Just like every single song I'm releasing. If you don't love it then leave it.

If you could have any one of your favorite artists feature on your next single with you, who would you choose? 

Easy. Zola Jesus!

Your sound is definitely different from what we’re used to hearing, you’re really breaking some categorical barriers in the music community with your genre. Can we expect to see more from you in the rest of 2019?

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm currently creating my 3rd EP which will be released later this year. I'm very happy with the way it's unfolding before my eyes and I hope it reaches the expectations of my listeners.


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