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Kotta Is The “New Crowned King,” Of Empty Deserts And Streets

American singer-songwriter, actor, writer, and director Kotta questions the emptiness around him in a groovy yet contemplative new single, "New Crowned King."

Kotta, also known as Eric Gorlow, serves in the real world as a Marine Biologist who saves whales from sying on our shores. Hop into another world, and you'll see Kotta, a psychedelic/blues recording artist in a desert cabaret. He's an oasis of poetry that persists despite pandemics, wars, and horrible global tragedies.

For his newest single, "New Crowned King," Kotta explained he was inspired by driving around the dark and empty LA streets with "a very stranded feeling." We can get a sense of that strandedness in the song's music video, which sees Kotta waking up in a desert wearing a crown with no memory of how he got there. But, of course, he could have only gotten there with some interstellar help.

And then there's the single itself, "New Crowned King," produced by Raz Kinghoffer (whose music has appeared on Insatiable, Lucifer, Shades of Blue, etc.). The new song is a playful and upbeat bluesy rock anthem reminiscent of acts like Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, or Tyler the Creator.

It's quite a unique listening experience, from Kotta's dreamy and echoing vocals to the contemporary alternative production that pumps up the energy. Kotta's performance stylings are so composed; although he's feeling stranded, there's a sense of hope and belonging in being the "New Crowned King" of the stranded, empty, and vast streets.

There's no denying that this single is a stimulating and engaging listening experience. We deeply encourage you to experience that for yourself with Katto's new single, "New Crowned King," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kotta. We love the unifying and hopeful vibe within your latest single, "New Crowned King." What made you want to create a song about feeling stranded and being the king of the empty streets?

Thank You! I'm a huge fan of your content. Ha! I'm not sure I wanted to create a song about feeling stranded, but the feeling came whether I wanted it or not. It was a stream of the subconscious that started to reveal a hidden message. I go through periods of time where I stay up really late. In this case, I found myself driving around empty streets, and this song kept looping in my head.

Although your lyrics in "New Crowned King" are rather personal, why did you want the instrumentals to be so upbeat, playful, and vibrant? Why did you want to add this contrast?

Contrast often feels more true to life to me. Most feelings are more than one-sided. In this case, I wanted to convey a world of pumped ambition contrasted with a dreamy state - going so high that you're stranded in space. I wanted the instrumental to be the world pulling this character (the lyrics) on a journey.

What was it like working alongside Raz Kinghoffer for "New Crowned King?" What was that experience like?

Raz is incredible. His range of expertise is mind-blowing. Working with him always feels so natural. He has an uncanny ability to understand the tone and feel of a project, no matter how strange or unexpected. The experience is always very transportive, we become immersed in the world of the song.

How did you come up with the stranded concept in the music video for "New Crowned King?" What did you want viewers to take away from the music video?

For a long time, I had only worked on the song at night, but as soon as I began to play the song during the day and daydream about it, I saw the character in a desert, wandering, pushing forward, drunk on pride, and lost at the same time. The song is actually not a knock against pride, the character just has to reevaluate what he was trying to control and why. As you pointed out earlier - the end is hopeful because the character lets go of empty illusions which were leaving him stranded.

What's next for you?

I'm working on an album that is set to be out by the end of the year. Then I'll be playing live shows.


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