Krish Breaks Down His Latest Project ‘Thoughts of a Dreamer’ and Hints at What's to Come Next

Hello Krish, Welcome to Buzz Music and thank you for being here. "Ride With Me" is an amazing song with a really easy to follow and listen to the vibe. When writing your music, how do you choose a structure for the song to follow?

Thanks for having me! During the writing process, I came up with the guitar tune first and built off of that. I wanted to bring across the feeling of running away from the worries in life and following your dreams. It was really something I was struggling with at the time and I'm glad I was able to put it in a song and let it out. You have a lot of experience under your belt writing, producing and even releasing your own music. What advice would you give an artist who is just starting out about the dos and don’ts of creating and releasing their own music?

The music should always come first. If the song isn't the best that you have to offer you shouldn't be putting it out because once it's out that's it. But this can also lead to overdoing songs to a point where they aren't enjoyable for you as an artist. That's when you know you've done/have done too much. And last but definitely not least, music is a business and needs to be treated as such. Don't expect to go in with no initial capital and go viral off a song. I wish that's how it worked hahah.

You have released three EP’s now, each detailing different times in your life. What exactly influences the songs and stories that you write? The first EP was basically my life during high school. The second was this transition period in my life where I didn't really know where I wanted to go or who I wanted to be. This third EP feels like I've finally arrived at the starting line. This is the start and everything that is about to come is stuff I'm so so proud of :) Influences have mostly always come from my personal life but I also love being a storyteller and telling stories about others that inspire me. A mix of those two I guess.

In ‘Thoughts of a Dreamer’ you do a fantastic job of building each song gradually toward a catchy hook. Yet, your songs are kept simple with the use of a guitar or a piano amongst your perfectly placed electronic sounds. What do you think organic instruments bring to the songs? 

Wow, love this question. Organic instruments are very important in my opinion because of exactly how relatable and essential they are to music and its history. Everyone knows what a guitar sounds like, everyone knows what a piano sounds like, but not everyone knows what a guitar or piano sounds like when you reverse it, pitch it down, and throw a phaser on it haha. Taking relatable sounds and turning them into something exciting and intriguing is what its about. The next record is definitely going in this direction and I think its some of my most creative work yet! What can fans anticipate next from you, Krish?

The next EP is basically done. Just trying to figure out visuals and release plans for it. Seriously can't wait to put this out, the best work I've ever made in my opinion. The first song is called 'Run & Hide' and comes out very very soon :)

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