Krish Shows off His Natural and Organic Side Through His Music

Singer, songwriter and producer Krish is back on BuzzMusic to highlight his most intrinsic Indie/Pop qualities. For those who are frequent listeners of Krish, you'd know that the artist is always combining simple instrumental soundings in order to bring an easygoing rhythm to his songs. There's an airy component to the vocal sound of Krish, which amplifies that indie sound prevalent within his music. The theme of Krish's tracks is usually following a theme that many are able to resonate with, attributing to the popular aspect of his music. One part of Krish's artistry that we've come to appreciate is his ability to make the production of his tracks so incredibly personable. Krish has always been the artist that strives to match the way the lyrical content of his tracks make you feel with the right kind of beat that's able to accentuate the emotion. Music has always come first for Krish, which explains the intricacies that go into the overall product of his music.

Krish is ultimately a storyteller, sharing personal narratives of his life to his listeners in order to establish that innate connection. Along with the anecdotes of his life, Krish has always been inclined to use organic instruments in order to bring about the essence of his sound, which we feel absolutely intrigued by! All in all, Krish isn't the type of artist that'll leave you unsatisfied, that's for sure.  Check out the music of Krish here.

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