Kruthi Singar Is A Voice To Remember With Her Latest Single "Haunting"

Amazing voices aren't only found in America, they’re international as there’s incredible talent all around the world. Singer-songwriter Kruthi Singar from Bangalore, India is no stranger to the term ‘talented’. Her music has a contemporary vibe combining all elements of pop, soul, and R&B. Kruthi Singar sings about the essence of self discovery and the positive power of self acceptance. Kruthi Singar's newest single "Haunting" exhibits these traits in an augmented sound. Her voice is special and has a beautiful tone with a slight rasp to it! The song climaxes from the beginning towards the end with special transitions that will be unexpected and leave a great impression.

Throughout "Haunting" Kruthi Singar sings about a haunting spirit and demon that she’s fighting and not allowing to take control. This spirit of hopelessness and despair keeps creeping on her and returning to pull her down as she sings. As Kruthi Singar sings “Where there’s darkness there’s also light, and I will fight” the song gives a powerful message of fighting your obstacles and defeating sometimes the most challenging opponent in life, yourself. What’s really cool about Kruthi Singar's voice is that it reminds me of someone I personally enjoy from the golden days, "Sade". A classic voice blended with a current sound is a striking vocal feature that Kruthi has! The lyrics and story she sings is relatable to generations all around. You can’t help but want to come face with all of your personal battles and just knock them out one by one! If Kruthi Singar's motive was to get people to challenge their emotions and feel like they’re on top while listening then she certainly excelled. Kruthi Singar can crossover from many different genres and execute it perfectly! After listening to "Haunting" you’re going to be yearning for more from this amazing vocalist. You can either check out her previous single ‘Crazy’ or be on the lookout for her upcoming single that will be released later this year! In the meantime, tap in with ‘Haunted’ and feel the champion spirit we felt!

Listen to "Haunting" here.

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