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Kruttika Drops Her Cinematic Debut Single, "Twin Size Bed"

From Mumbai to London, and finally Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and recording artist Kruttika makes her big debut with a soulful and passionate single, "Twin Size Bed."

Inspired by the likes of Alicia Keys, Carole King, Bonnie Raitt, Elton John, and Adele, Kruttika left for London to study at The Point Blank Music School, where she felt compelled to make her dreams a reality and move to Los Angeles. Making waves at iconic venues like The House of Blues, The Dresden, The State Social, The Study, Erwin House, Boarders, and more, Kruttika is quickly making her mark on the independent music scene.

Now releasing her spicy debut single, "Twin Size Bed," Kruttika opened up about the experience and mentioned that it was a long and tedious journey to create such an emotional and personal piece, but it was all worth it in the end. The song is wildly unforgettable, and we're incredibly excited to introduce it to our readers.

Jumping into the "Twin Size Bed," the song opens with a bluesy piano melody and this entire soulful instrumental that sets the song's hazy and introspective tone. As Kruttika's warm and powerful vocals appear, she begins to bring listeners into the song's theme that surrounds an inner feeling of empowerment after getting her heart broken by someone close.

As Kruttika makes her way to the hook, she belts her powerful vocals while exclaiming how she'll go home to her twin-size bed alone and in need of someone's love. We can't get enough of the song's soul and might, as it offers a deeply cinematic listening experience that's quite literally music to our ears.

Cuddle in with Kruttika's debut single, "Twin Size Bed," and find the track on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Kruttika, and congratulations on releasing your powerful debut single, "Twin Size Bed." What inspired your emotional and passionate lyrical content?

Thank you! The release was really well received by friends, family, and fans. It's actually quite funny what inspired this song. When I moved from Mumbai to LA to study music, I was obviously living the budget student life, and could only afford a twin-size mattress and bed frame which I got on Amazon. Now I don't mind it at all, cause I'm small enough. I fit in it just fine, but one time a friend came over and we were joking about how tiny the bed is and how inconvenient it would be if two people were ever to share it. I actually disagreed and dared my buddy who tried it out and found there was enough room for two actually. So, I just kept playing with that idea in my mind and wondered how to develop a song from it. So I came up with this song which I must have written in about an hour. It just poured out. I didn't want to write a typical love song where I talk about emotions and feelings, and how this person made me feel. Instead, I talk about the physical act of coming home and having to go to bed alone. This tiny bed, that used to fit two, but now only one person keeps its memories. Anyone who has ever had to return to an empty bed after a break-up will get the sentiment behind this song. Nothing else needs to be said.

Why did you want this song to lead the way of your solo career? How does "Twin Size Bed" introduce us to your sound and style?

I think lyrically, melodically, and production-wise, this was my strongest song. This is the only song I never had to rewrite a bunch of times before I got it right. It came out of me all fleshed out and complete. I maybe tweaked the chord progression along the way, like changed a minor seventh chord to a Dominant seventh, but otherwise, it was all there. It was my song in truest form without outside influences. Around the time I wrote this, I was studying the blues at school and wanted to incorporate it. People associate the blues with sad themes and melancholy, but blues can be sassy too, and I wanted to bring that instead. I feel very proud of the piano part I played. Probably my best performance from all of my songs. "Twin Size Bed" sets the tone for my sound and style because it blends every artist and genre that inspires me. It's got the 6/8 Blues-rock piano-driven instrumental like Alicia Keys, The clean, raw vocals inspired by Bonnie Raitt, and the Bond-style strings from Adele.

Did you work with any producers or musicians to help navigate the instrumental feel and atmosphere for "Twin Size Bed?" What was this instrumental/sonic experience like?

This is my best collaboration so far, with my buddies Vinayak Pol on drums, Sheldon D'Silva on bass, and Anthony McCarthy on guitar. Vinayak's Indian fusion background, Sheldon's jazz background, and Tony's southern country blues background made this song exactly what I imagined it would be. Dramatic but enjoyable. Love the fusing of east and west. These guys really helped shape the sound. They are such amazing musicians individually and can really shred on their instruments, but they were able to dial it back and bring exactly what the song needed and nothing more. Being able to take your ego out of the equation and serve the music shows a lot of maturities and I learned a lot from watching them play in the studio. I hope I can continue to find such wonderful people to work with in the future. I also had some guidance from my mentors at school (Musicians Institute). My vocal mentor Alexx Daye and Piano mentors Christian Klikovits, Carl Byron, and Karen Hammack played an important role. They're all such amazing teachers and taught me how to be tasteful with composition and how sometimes less is more. They also helped with technical things like string and piano voicings. Since I'm not classically trained, I wasn't familiar with some dos and don'ts of string voicing, which took me a while to study. The majority of this project was self-produced and mixed and I had a lot to learn in a very short time. I only started learning music production last July during the pandemic, and it took long hours and sleepless nights of teaching myself sometimes from Youtube and referring to class notes, to figure it out. I signed up for extra lessons with my production teacher Chris Cordero, who introduced me to a whole different world. I never thought I was smart enough to understand the technical in's and out's of mixing, but once I decided to trust my ear and the vision I had for my song, and not the fancy names of fancy plug-ins that overwhelmed me, I was able to focus and get the job done. Overall it has been a wonderful learning experience and I was able to accomplish things I never even dared to assume I could. I lost partial eyesight when I was thirteen and have been living with a disability ever since. because of this, I have always had an aversion to computers. Anything that needed me to use the computer or learn some new software made me roll my eyes in disgust. Why would I want to torture myself by straining my eyes to see text on a screen that I couldn't even see that well no matter how much I zoomed in. I figured, I'll just write songs and someone else can do the hard stuff. But this pandemic changed something in me, as I'm sure it did for everyone. I felt the need to be more self-reliant and challenge myself. I needed to get out of my comfort zone If I ever wanted to achieve anything. So yes, with partial eyesight, music production was harder than most people would find it, but I figured you just have to trust the process and delegate when you need to. And if you want something bad enough, you have to make it happen.

What did you want to make the listener feel after listening to your single, "Twin Size Bed?' What thoughts or feelings did you want to evoke?

Honestly, I never thought about what feeling I wanted to evoke in the listener. I was more focused on how to be true to what I was feeling and the best way to convey that emotion musically. I am glad that the emotion was conveyed and everybody loved it. I'm glad people were able to find it catchy enough to want to sing along with it or even learn the song themselves. I guess I accomplished exactly what I set out to do.

What's next for you?

After Twin Size Bed came out, I released another single on September 3rd called "in My Dreams" and my debut EP titled "Snow" is out September 13th. I am so excited. Just like this song, the others are also self-produced. I have learned so much from this project and I can't wait to get started on the next. I have already started work on some new songs and revisiting some older ones. I have so many new influences from so much amazing music being released every day, and I keep learning new techniques. So I cannot wait to hear what the next EP or album will sound like. Hopefully, kick it up a notch and experiment some more.


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