Kunle Gets Vulnerable With “Contemplate”

Kunle is a young artist from Rhode Island who at only 19 years old wrote “Mixed Emotions” after experiencing heartbreak. On “Mixed Emotions” was the emotionally driven record titled “Contemplate”. This single instantly brought you into a state of disappointment. I mean, the song was amazing, but the lyrics were so real you felt connected to it the instance you hear it. You placed yourself in that personal experience where you can relate to the lyricism. And trust me, I’m almost positive a big handful of us can relate to this song. “Contemplate” was undeniably authentic. We loved how raw Kunle projected his emotions, delivering it through vulnerability. To me, an artist best work is when they can personally relate and feel what they are rapping or singing. This caused Kunle to deliver strongly, and he executed this track perfectly. “Contemplate” is a nice, melancholic song that discusses the theme of heartbreak, disappointment, and regret.

Listen to "Contemplate" here and get to know more about Kunle in our interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kunle! How has it been growing up in Rhode Island? Is there a music scene there you were impacted by?

Growing up in Rhode Island especially from my point of view was strange. Family had low income so we moved from home to home. Happened so much that it became the norm for me so I'm