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Kunle Gets Vulnerable With “Contemplate”

Kunle is a young artist from Rhode Island who at only 19 years old wrote “Mixed Emotions” after experiencing heartbreak. On “Mixed Emotions” was the emotionally driven record titled “Contemplate”. This single instantly brought you into a state of disappointment. I mean, the song was amazing, but the lyrics were so real you felt connected to it the instance you hear it. You placed yourself in that personal experience where you can relate to the lyricism. And trust me, I’m almost positive a big handful of us can relate to this song. “Contemplate” was undeniably authentic. We loved how raw Kunle projected his emotions, delivering it through vulnerability. To me, an artist best work is when they can personally relate and feel what they are rapping or singing. This caused Kunle to deliver strongly, and he executed this track perfectly. “Contemplate” is a nice, melancholic song that discusses the theme of heartbreak, disappointment, and regret.

Listen to "Contemplate" here and get to know more about Kunle in our interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kunle! How has it been growing up in Rhode Island? Is there a music scene there you were impacted by?

Growing up in Rhode Island especially from my point of view was strange. Family had low income so we moved from home to home. Happened so much that it became the norm for me so I'm not mad about that because it made me get used to change. The only music scene that impacted me even the slightest was a fellow artist/ friend of mine known as Joe Thunder$torm. He was one of the people who gave me the push for making music.

Who are some of your musical influences if you have any? In what ways have they inspired you and your artistry?

My biggest musical inspiration is and will forever be the late Great Xxxtentacion. I didn’t pick off any flows from him or word play, just originality. He inspired me to be completely original and not try to be like someone else. Be the best Kunle I can be.

What was the most challenging aspect in creating “Mixed Emotions”?

Working on “Mixed Emotions” was a hassle to say the least. It took me a couple of months to complete the project, but the hard part was making myself vulnerable and releasing a part of me into the public. I'm an introvert so I don’t really like showing my true self  

How does “Contemplate” emphasis the theme of “Mixed Emotions”?

Contemplate is my biggest song. I released that a month early because it set the tone of the whole tape. “Baby girl broke my heart, so I had to put pen onto paper”, is what I wrote in the description of Contemplate. Love hurts but you always gotta overcome and improve yourself so you don’t be left in the past. Not a lot of people know this, but I ordered the songs  in reverse from sad to happy. Once I was sad and depressed and know I'm happy and alive.

What’s the impact you hope to leave on listeners Kunle?

I just want y'all to continue showing me love! I love it when you guys hit me up saying good things and it keeps me wanting to do more and getting better. I was surrounded by hate a lot in my life and breaths of positivity really helps hold this broken man together.


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