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Kvng Shad Releases "Wait List”

Kvng Shad released his single “Wait list” off his album “The World is Mines” and we were completely drawn in by the upbeat rhythm, and a hard hitting beat drop and exclusive rhyme. “Wait List” gets the heads nodding, shoulders bopping, and hips moving because it’s a dance able record that’s almost undeniably fitting for a good party. The lyrics are Amusing and had a droll effect to it. “Wait List” is another hit record with a mainstream appeal to it. We can most definitely see the song being a radio ready hit, and it’s fitting for any type of mood you’re in. I always love a good vibrant hip-hop hit that projects personality throughout the way “Wait List” was able to do .

Kvng Shad is the missing ingredient we need in the rap game today and his individual swagger is what’s going to take him extremely far. If he continues to release great bops like “Wait List” and sticks to his special artistry, there’s no telling what kind of large success this artist can have. He appeals to a diverse culture of hip-hop lovers while blending elements of classic rap and contemporary. While we’re almost certain of the amount of success Kvng Shad is bound to have, let’s listen to the dope hit he gave us!

Listen to "Wait List" here and get to know more about Kvng Shad below!

Mind introducing yourself to our readers and telling us a little bit about your upbringing?

Well my name is Kvng Shad I'm 18 out of Columbus Ohio. Im an independent artist whose passion for music has been since a youngin'. This song is off my first Official EP The World Is Mine.

What’s the meaning behind “Wait List” ?

The meaning behind wait list is letting a female know she is number one above all others. She ain't gotta wait for my time she got it when she need it. the song isnt specific about any person but however loyalty is everything to me in a relationship. this song shows that.

What inspired you to write “Wait List” ?

A lot of women feel like since im a artist that when i blow up i want to be around multiple women. little do they know i want one person to share my journey with.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career as an independent artist so far?

My biggest issues are travelling and promoting on major platforms and thats an issue for alot of indie artists.

How do you overcome these?

I have set up my team and we meet every week to discuss strategies and how we can plan to succeed. We all promote together and we take time to listen to each other and move as one.

What’s next for you?

I'm already working on my next project. just know "The World Is Mine" and there are endless possibilities.


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