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Kwesi Jamaal Ends the Season on a Passionate Note With, "Summer Crush"

Toronto-hailing Trinidadian-born recording artist and singer-songwriter Kwesi Jamaal returns with a sweet and refreshing single entitled "Summer Crush."

Kwesi Jamaal's groovy and exciting sound will undoubtedly leave any listener in a better frame of mind, especially through his blend of Afrobeat, Soca, dancehall, hip-hop, and dance-pop. Inspired by his Afro-Caribbean roots, Kwesi Jamaal's music has been well received throughout Europe, North America, and Asia.

Returning to our speakers with his uplifting and perfect end-of-summer single, "Summer Crush," Kwesi Jamaal brings listeners into the exciting experience of refreshing summer romances. While a booming and bright dancehall beat punches through our speakers, Kwesi Jamaal offers an impressively charismatic performance to amplify the song's feel-good listening experience.

Listening to "Summer Crush," the song takes off with a plucky guitar melody and warm percussion hits that later drop into a bright and upbeat drum arrangement. As Kwesi Jamaal continues to serenade his Mamacita and bask in her beauty and glory, he offers this deeply passionate and stimulating tone that provides equal amounts of desire and excitement. Continuing through the song, the warm instrumentals and sonics leave us in a relaxed groove while allowing Kwesi Jamaal's performance to shine in the spotlight.

We love the playful attitude and performance that Kwesi Jamaal delivers within this sweet single, especially as he continues to passionately explain his desire for someone while praising their natural beauty. As the song comes to an end, we feel excited to close our summer season with help from refreshing singles like this.

Dive into the exciting moments of new romances with Kwesi Jamaal's latest single, "Summer Crush," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kwesi Jamaal. We love the relaxed and passionate feel of your latest single, "Summer Crush." What inspired you to create this exciting and playful summer single?

Thanks, BuzzMusic! I appreciate all the feels you experienced when vibing to my new song. “Summer Crush” was inspired by the feelings that summertime in Toronto and beaches in the Caribbean always gives me: feelings of joy, playfulness, openness to mingle + connect, high energy during hot days and long nights of passion, romance, seduction, and intrigue. Thematically, listeners will get to experience two strangers meeting in a warm summer night party, with vibrant music playing, bodies moving and the cool ocean breeze blowing. Lyrically, I am telling the story of a new budding romance sparked by magnetic attraction. Instant chemistry and sensual body-to-body dancing lead to yearnings for a private after-party… And a change of scenery prolongs the night, offering spicy show and tell and endless possibilities! Lastly, “Summer Crush” offers a feeling of nostalgia and invites listeners to relive their own experiences of mutual attraction, new romances, and never wanting that moment to end despite life’s changing seasons.

What sort of sonic feel or atmosphere did you want to capture with the production in "Summer Crush?” What vibe did you want the song to offer?

The production of "Summer Crush" was sonically influenced by Congolese guitar music with its enchanting riffs; melodic Afrobeat drum patterns and sounds. The song breakdown and outro is meant to give listeners a nostalgic 90’s dancehall feel with the chanting adlibs, lyrics in patios, rhyme structure, repetition, and instrumental breaks. Listeners get the pleasure of experiencing a smooth, sensual, exciting build-up that invites feelings of romance, allure, intimacy, and passion.

Did you produce "Summer Crush" yourself? Or did you work alongside any producers to help bring the experience to life?

The producer of "Summer Crush" is the super talented Nate Smith of Wav1 Sound (Toronto), who also worked on my debut, "Afrikan Qween". We're currently completing my solo EP - release date to be announced soon - where he has curated both the production and the recording. My songwriting process is all audible: I freestyle ideas, melodies, and lyrics to create songs; then record my thoughts until I feel the song is complete. Similarly, Nate creates music on the spot and can produce any sound idea I throw at him. Our creative styles complement each other well and it’s always a dope vibe creating music in the studio with him.

On a broader note, what impact do you strive to make with your music? How do songs like "Summer Crush" help bring you to your goal?

Great question! “Summer Crush” is part of an EP that uses danceable music as inspiration to explore themes of affairs of the heart (love, romance, relationships, and its in-betweens). The goal of my music is always to evoke emotions and feelings (love, happiness, sensuality, hope, empowerment, etc), connect with global audiences using relatable real-life topics, and inspire feel-good, liberating body movement. It's music that you’ll have on repeat for a lifetime!


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