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KWEZZ Gives the Mic to the "Voices" in His Head

20-year-old KWEZZ hails from Dublin, Georgia, with an artistic skillset prominent in the new wave of the music industry. Presenting us to his single “Voices,” which is the introductory single from his EP titled ‘Dark Clouds,’ we get to experience KWEZZ in a way that has us dipped in harmonic bliss sure to have you submerged in the melodies before you.

Going through a copious amount of trials and tribulations while writing this piece, KWEZZ gave “Voices” its name due to not being able to talk to anyone through it all and finding himself having conversations in his head. Taking us into this type of depth to commence his EP, we immediately pick up on the vulnerability that runs through the pen of KWEZZ.

His melodic verses have us fixated on the impeccable use of harmonies as his vocal range tours us through reflective thoughts and pure emotion. Each lyrical motif emphasizes the difficulties he went through, but knowing that he came out the other side stronger than ever leaves us with a triumphant feeling that takes over our very being.

Propelling us forward as we take in the instrumentation, both the emcee-like raps and the musical foundation coincide intimately. There’s the perfect amount of heart that pulses through the top-tier mix quality, and we’re able to pick up on the passion that’s shed into this record.

Leaving us with a sense of anticipation as we wish to know more about the reflective artist, KWEZZ has us ready to embrace what’s next to come on this imaginative route of storytelling.

Welcome to BuzzMusic KWEZZ, and congratulations on the release of your EP' Dark Clouds' and the lead single "Voices." What inspired you to lead with this song on the project? What statement would you like it to make?

Thank you! I wanted to lead with this song because I think it's the most relatable. For me, I overthink about some things, so there's always that voice in my head that's listening to me overthink. The main point was to let people who are going through anything or feel the same way I do know that they're not alone & that the rainbow always shines after the storm.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process entailed when bringing this song to Life? Is this the formula that was followed for the rest of the songs on 'Dark Clouds?'

When making "Voices," I was at a pretty low point at the time, so the perfect way to deal with everything was going on was to put it in a song. I have my home studio set up in my house & I didn't need to write it down because I had so much to say. But while creating the song & the project, I wanted to test what I could do with my vocals and see if I could keep getting better. The first two songs are more heartfelt and personal. Then it starts to get more hype because I have my good days too, and with those, I want people to know that after the dark clouds move away, light shines through.

What has been your biggest lesson learned while creating and releasing this EP?

I learned a lot actually about myself & Life. Mainly though, there are some things that people just won't understand, and that's fine & I learned to not give out my energy to unnecessary people/situations.

If your listeners could take one thing away from your music, what would you like that to be?

It's never going to be the same genre. One day I'll want to rap aggressively; the other, I might want to sing. Maybe I'll do both one day. The possibilities are endless.

What can we anticipate hearing next?

A new single called "Dragons" will release with a music video, which will only be my 3rd. It was supposed to be on "Dark Clouds," but I wanted to keep the project at six songs. So, there are many singles & Visual content for now, but my next project will probably be early/middle of 2022.

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