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Kyle Alexander Shakes Up The Rap Game With “Oh My God”

Kyle Alexander is one of those rare rap artists with a compelling story to tell. All about sharing his own experiences into his music and truly connecting with his listeners with a sharp, witty, and outstanding lyrical flow. Kyle’s life hasn’t always been easy, in fact he endured a lot of pain and hard times however, he decided to not give up in the face of adversity and instead, use the hardship as a way to fuel his creative endeavors and reach out to other people! But get ready to become shook’ by Kyle’s release of “Oh My God”.

We can promise you this song is a hit from immediate hearing. The banging beat was the first hint of a mainstream smashing record that’s going to be blasted on various stereos having people creating facial expressions due to how grimy the bass is. The aggressive trap/rap sound we love is apparent. His flow was impeccable. The amount of breathe control that Kyle has and his ability to be so lyrical advanced in his music is highly favorable. His lyrics holds actual substantial meaning behind the witty flow and catchy bars. I was able to actually invest myself into his appealing rap style for the moment. It reminds me a lot of those highly respectable rappers that’s known for their insane flow’s, lyricism, and marketable music to back it! This includes rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Logic, Etc. Kyle Alexander is the next rap prodigy that you may not know is creeping up like a black sheep!

Give a listen to Kyle Alexander's "Oh My God" here, and check below for the artist's exclusive interview covering his latest track!

What inspired you to begin rapping?

I was inspired to rap when I was a really small child. I may have been around 5 or 6 when I first heard Kriss Kross “Jump” I actually still remember the first time I heard that song, I fell in love with hiphop at that point. I also still remember the first rap I ever wrote lol. When I was in school we used to have rap battles in the lunch room. The Clipse “Grinding” was the beat used for most of the battles. One of my boys would be the beatbox and hit the beat on the table while the rest of us would rap to the beat. One day, I went home and wrote a 16 to the beat and I wrapped it in front of all of my friends and they went crazy! That’s when I knew I really loved hiphop and was inspired to try to do something with it one day. 

Rap music has undergone a transition overtime, it’s interesting to hear about others perspective over the genre now. What’s your opinion on the current state of hip-hop?

I think hip-hop is in a great place right now! We have artists that breaking down barriers and setting records every year! Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Cole, Cardi B and Meek are the strongest voices of this generation right now. You have the Legends of the game like Hov and Snoop and Ye still making dope music and you also have the new rappers like Gunna, Lil Baby, Uzi, etc that are making a lane for themselves as well. Hip-hop is everywhere right now! In movies, tv shows, commercials, it has even been used in political campaigns.

Do you have any rap influences? If so who and why?

My rap influences are Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and Lecrae. They all have a unique way to give a message in their music and they don’t compromise the message that they believe in.

Knowing that you write all your music, is there a lack of respect for the rappers who doesn’t self-write?

There is only a lack of respect for those rappers that don’t write their own music if they try to say that they're the best rapper of all time or that they’re a top 10 rapper. Then their credibility is in question. Other than that, if a rapper has someone help him write a song and it’s a hit, i think that’s ok. Some times great music can come from a collaboration.

Can you freestyle?

Absolutely! That’s actually how I first started rapping. I also, write all of songs by freestyling and memorizing what I say if I like it enough. Then I go back later and write it down.

If you can collaborate with any artist now that’s not in your genre who would you select and why?

If I could work with any artist it would probably be Chris Brown or Lauryn Hill. They are both amazing artists with powerful voices. They are very creative and I think we could make some incredible music together.

What’s next for you Kyle?

Next for me is the release of my video for my single “Oh My God” and the release of the video for “Living My Truth” I also have a new single “Lit” that will be released soon. I have a freestyle series that I’m starting in March as well. I plan on releasing two solo EP’s this year and I’m also going to try to feature on 10 songs this year with other artists. A lot of amazing music on the way!


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