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Kyle Capricorn's “GRAVYBABY” Is The Summer Anthem You Need On Your Playlist

Love, music and soul are just a few things to expect from the new album “Saturn”, completely written, produced and performed by Kyle Capricorn. Born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in Southern California, Kyle’s story resonates with any listener who's ever been in love!

Kyle’s sultry sound signifies the return of authentic music and this is displayed in his latest single “GRAVYBABY”. This song in a way reminded me of the song “Redbone” by Childish Gambino. Although the entire arrangement of both songs differentiate from one another, the vibes are still there! This natural high you receive from listening to the song where you just escape your day to day stress and feel inclusive to the music is what i’m talking about! You’re experiencing the ultimate abundance while listening to “GRAVYBABY” and it’s thanks to the unforgettable and undeniably talented Kyle Capricorn.

Kyle takes his listener on a signature ride into a transporting sound from current to classic soul. A more subdued funk element floats across the music, while still remaining tactful and eclectic. This cohesive song was a great vibe for the summer and can be included with our other cleverly-arranged music on our playlist and yours!

Listen to “GRAVYBABY” here and keep scrolling to get to know the artist more!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Kyle Capricorn! In what ways have you been affected by the environment of Southern California, musically?

So Cal is a vibe, it’s a flow you move in. So that’s my vibe, my groove.

Let’s talk about this album “Saturn”, what drove you to naming this project this? What meaning does it hold? 

Saturn is the planet for Capricorn. Every zodiac sign has a planet its connected to. So I as put this project together, it tuned into my own force. My own planet, thus the name.

What can our listeners expect from listening to this album? Were there any major challenges you’ve faced in the creation of it?

It’s a sounds track to groove to. I want every listener to feel the vibe for them. See what they feel.  The toughest thing was making it so short. I held back so much music to keep the project as a snippet.

We loved the song “GRAVYBABY”. How does this fit into “Saturn”s theme?

Well I recorded GravyBaby way before I put out Saturn. Its just one of those songs that you feel. I had to make it apart of Saturn.

What impact you hope to leave on your listeners Kyle Capricorn?

I just want the listeners to get great music and vibey songs.


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