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Kylie Nicole’s New Single “This Close” Has Us Floating Away

Kylie Nicole Feltenberger grew up in a Military family and her friends, houses and schools (to name just a few) were always changing. One thing that was never altered and stayed constant in the young artist’s life was music. Learning to play the violin at age 6 and later transitioning into playing the guitar, Kylie started crafting songs in high school. She then studied song writing at Belmont University where she was able to hone her song writing and performing skills. Wading through this particular season in her life, singer/songwriter Kylie has drawn inspiration from her favorite Reggae artists along with the Southern California “vibe” that’s surrounding her.

Sit back, grab a tea, and relax because “This Close” is going to have you floating in the clouds. With such a down to earth and serene guitar line to start this toe tapper off, only to be entranced by gorgeous, refined vocals. The way she grazes each note with ease and finesse brings a talent to the table and really leaves you tranquil and lost in the sound of her voice. Her heartfelt and descriptive lyrics tell a story of two lovers and you can really hear her emotion embodied into each word. A nice and solid drum beat to accompany the variety of instruments found stashed throughout this song. The contrast of the higher keyboard notes with the two different guitar riffs really adds complexity to the track and complements Kylie’s vocals exceptionally. I am getting Taylor Swift vibes from the tone of voice and the melodic rhythms in this lively but chill track. If you’re a fan of laid-back songs that leave a peaceful resonance behind then Kylie Nicole’s “This Close” is a song you need to have on your playlist – and I mean need!

Listen to “This Close” here and get to know more about Kylie Nicole below!

Hey Kylie! Love your new single! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you find inspiration to create music?

Thanks! Well music was always pretty important in our house hold growing up. My dad plays bass, my uncle is a multi-talented musician and songwriter, so it runs in the family for sure. From age 7, I started out learning how to play violin and then later transitioned to guitar when I was about 13 and that's when I really started to develop a passion for music. I  would sit in my room learning cover after cover, and there was a point where I    got tired of learning other people's songs and started creating original works! I've always pulled a lot of my inspiration directly from my own experiences, and pretty much everything I write I have personally been through. 

What was the most challenging thing about learning to play different instruments such as the violin?

I really struggled reading sheet music, so much that I don't play violin anymore! I  relied way too heavily on just my ear. Now, I  just play and write on the guitar. If you handed me a piece of sheet music, I could read it but it would take me a while ha

What was the creative process like making such a layered track?

It was a ton of fun, that's what it is! But in all seriousness, a buddy of mine, Alex Dowidchuk, helped me record and produce "This Close" and he was really great to work with. We started out with some programmed drums and just kept building and creating parts that we thought would make the song vibe! It was great having Alex in the room because he was willing to experiment, and I'm really happy with the way the track came out!

What is the meaning behind “This Close” and what inspired you to write it?

I  was fed up with guys being jerks and so I wrote a song about it! 

What can we expect from you in 2019?

2019 has already had some major ups and downs, and this season of my life has definitely had some unexpected twists and turns. I've been writing about everything that's been going on, and I'm planning to get back into the studio soon to do some more recording. Hoping to share more stories soon :)


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