Kyn Pushes Through and Creates Her Own Path in “Tell Me How You Feel"

Do you ever just hear an artist and instantly go “wow”? That’s how we felt as soon as we heard the Atlanta based R&B artist Kyn’s voice. Simply put, her voice feels angelic. Since making it to the Top 8 of The Voice, Kyn learned she was already successful by making an impact on someone. The modern R&B production perfectly fits her ever so smooth voice, especially in her single “Tell Me How You Feel”. After going through a troubled past with auditions, Kyn persisted through her emotions and instead of waiting for a new opportunity she had paved the way to create them for herself. With the help of producer JR THAliens and engineer Jayo, Kyn can keep inspired with fresh new R&B beats and hooks that flow perfectly into her style of singing. The motivational stepping stones within the lyrics of Kyn’s music, especially in “Tell Me How You Feel” can be taken as a motivational step to lead you to never give up and follow your dreams. Kyn is going to keep working on her second EP aiming to be our next year and we cannot wait for it.

Check out "Tell Me How You Feel here.