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Kyng Pariah Exclaims: "B!TCH IM FED UP," in New Single Release

Powerhouse rapper, Kyng Pariah hails from New York City and she's here to show what her music is truly about. Kyng Pariah has quite the crazy track record, and she's definitely an artist with many stories to tell as result. Her latest anecdotal release is titled "B!TCH IM FED UP", and one can easily tune into the theme of the song with that name.

"B!TCH IM FED UP" possesses an aggressive approach by Kyng Pariah. She has striking energy, and her vocal delivery is elicited with pure ferocity. She packs punchy lines, vocalizing them each in very convincing ways. If you hone in closer to the lyricism, you'll quickly begin to understand the narrative that Kyng Pariah is trying to tell. There are integrated ad-libs into "B!TCH IM FED UP", which only work to heighten the intensity of the song.

Kyng Pariah's confidence is attested to with her emulated spirit, and ultimately her true tenacity was displayed with the release of "B!TCH IM FED UP". Kyng Pariah, whatever it is you'll be releasing next, we'll get ourselves ready for the instant rush of vitality that will follow.

"B!TCH IM FED UP" is now available on streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMuisc Kyng Pariah. How does it feel to finally have your track, "B!TCH IM FED UP," released, especially considering all you've been through in order to see this release through?

Honesty, it feels amazing to be back in the booth. I feel very confident in the track. The potential of it is limitless. The message behind it was exactly what’s I aimed for.

How were you hoping "B!TCH IM FED UP" would be interpreted by your listeners? Are you the kind of artist to hope a certain story is communicated, or are you open to whichever interpretation your listeners take away?

I really have no hopes. I just want you to know Idgaf how anyone takes it. This is my art and my life experiences. If you can’t relate, I understand why they hate. Yes, I do hope the idea I had in mind is interpreted however they want to interpret it. I’m completely satisfied with the song in itself.

What inspired you to write "B!TCH IM FED UP?" Was there a certain individual or circumstance that truly led to the construction of this single?

My cell in Rikers. I wrote this a few weeks before my release...and the pain I’ve experienced in the past few years due to hatred and people trying to stop me and what I stand for... & let’s be honest that’s not gone happen easily.

As an artist who was originally born in New Jersey, but is now residing in New York City, how do you find the transition, especially regarding your music and overall sound?

Honestly what made me into the woman I am today is NEW JERSEY & NEW YORK as a whole. I don’t think it affected anything but taught me a lot about how to move in business. My sound is just that, Mine. There literally NO ONE in this female industry like Me. I’m my own and never to compare or misconstrued.

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