Léna Kipe Is 'Out of Office' and Into the Studio, Releasing Her Intoxicating Single “Yours”

Los Angeles based R&B singer/songwriter Léna Kipe graciously gifts us her sincere song “Yours”. After finding the courage to leave her 9-5 office job, Léna Kipe is blessing us with her delicate vocals and rhythmic R&B production. Sick and tired of waiting around for an opportunity to knock, she decided to create the opportunity for herself and jump in the studio. Her balletic take on modern R&B through her track “Yours” brings an exceptionally tasteful down-tempo song with passionate lyrics and radiant vocals. A true self-starter and clearly persistent, Léna Kipe offers beautiful feelings of love and hope through her divine music. “Yours” begins with airy background synths and celestial ghost vocals bringing an incredibly peaceful aura to the song. As Léna Kipe’s soothing vocals arrive on the initial downbeat, she’s met with complex modern R&B hi-hats and snares, not to mention a hard-hitting kick and deep sensual bass. Constantly elevating her songwriting with vulnerable yet effective lyrics like “Who sent you, how did you find me? I spent so long in hiding but baby you own me, I’m yours’. As “Yours’ continues, Léna Kipe’s blissful falsetto soars over the track and shines a ray of light with each note. We’re extremely grateful that Léna Kipe made the decision to begin her venture into the music industry, definitely the right move.

Listen to "Yours" on Spotify.